The Ruby Zipper Shoetique

OK, you're either going to thank me or be less-than-thrilled with me (temporarily), because I'm about to introduce you to an amazing, fun, and utterly time-sucking online activity (as if any of us need another one of those!): designing your own shoes. I recently joined the marketing team at a shoe company, which inspired me to think about which shoes I would design and sell. Visions of funky, fresh kicks with zany prints strutted through my head, but my paper scribbles did them no justice. I did some internet searches for "free shoe design apps" and after a few software sites that were most definitely not free, I stumbled across Shoes Of Prey.

Wow/uh-oh. The sight lets you design your own shoes and actually have them produced! Once I began selecting colors, fabrics, styles, and heels, it was hard to stop. Practically each element of the shoe is customizeable (down to the piping/no piping option), which means you can really let your creativity soar. You will also gain a new respect for the tremendous amount of detail that goes into designing a beautiful shoe. About 2-gulp, 4-hours and a ridiculous amount of edits later, here is my first mini-collection:
Which of these shoes would you "heart"?
I've been looking for wedged oxfords with bright colors like pink and yellow, but can't find them. Oh, that's right-I just designed them! LOL
The bow on the back of these pumps is everything.
The writing is on the wall - and the shoes.
The T-Strap. The bow. The tassel!
Want polka dots, sparkles and a patriotic shoe? Done.
Black sparkles mixed with white leather. Oh, yeah.
The ultimate disco wedge.
What do you think? My ideal heel height is 3-4 inches for stilettos/platforms and 4-5 inches for wedges. (For reference, measure the heights of the shoes you currently wear - I was shocked that one of my favorite pairs of shoes adds 5 inches to my height - who knew?) What do your perfect shoes look like? Shoes of Prey turns those so-simple-you-can't-find-them black pumps or those crazy, striped wedges into a reality for your feet. Or, which is arguably even more cool, it lets you start your imaginary shoe company.

You're welcome.

Have A Nice Day

Back in the day, my friends and I used to go to a cheesy-but-fun nightclub called Have A Nice Day Cafe. Adorned with pre-Emoji smiley faces and other 1970s paraphernalia, we shook our groove thangs to retro music and tried to collect some digits. (Admittedly, we did a lot more dancing than digit-collecting--the pickings were usually quite slim--but we always managed to stay upbeat.)

Giveaway: 2 VIP Tickets to #WeHeartSTL Best of the City Celebration

Everyday, I'm shufflin'. Baby, job, feeding my Lifetime movie habit, baby, hanging out with the hubbie, baby, impromptu trips to the thrift store where Ruby refuses to stay in the cart. . . whew. I'm ready for a party! You with me? Good, because I've got super-exciting news.

The Ruby Zipper has teamed up with ALIVE Magazine to offer 2 free VIP tickets to the hottest fete of the season: We Heart STL Best of the City Celebration! In addition to filling up their cups with Bud Select and Cruzan Rum, guests can shake that to live music from The Free Years, shop from local vendors, and ham it up in Sara's Social Booth. Did I mention there will be food from yummy local spots like Lucas Park Grille? Yeah, party rock will be in the house - and you don't want to miss it!

Here are the details:
Date: Friday, May 29, 2015
Time: 7p - 11p
Location: Old Post Office Plaza in Downtown St. Louis (enter at 9th St. and Locust St.)
Tickets: General admission $15, VIP $30 (purchase tix from Eventbrite here)

The best way to roll at the celebration is VIP. You get early entry at 6:30pm, free cocktails in the VIP balcony, and a $15 gift card to Central Table. Of course, you don't want to party alone, so invite your friends to the We Heart STL event on Facebook. Follow @ALIVEMagSTL on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for up-to-date info and use the hashtag #WeHeartSTL to share what you love about St. Louis! 

Now for the fun part: enter to win 2 free VIP tickets ($60 value):
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck in the giveaway! Can't wait to see you there!