Don't Dream It's Over(alls)

Shortalls & Clutch: Goodwill; Blazer: Rung; Tee & Choker: Rue 21; Shoes: Ziezo
One of my greatest fashion regrets was donating my beloved, perfectly worn-in overalls about a decade ago. After enjoying "trendy" status throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the new millenium's arrival practically erased overalls from stores and closets. I held on for a couple of years, hoping I could wear them again without looks of confusion or disdain, but eventually accepted that the trend was over. . .right?


Romper: Avalon Exchange; Shoes & Shades: Rue 21; Earrings: Thrifted
I take fashion very seriously, but I also approach it like a challenging, exciting game. I first devise a strategy: I write down what's in my wardrobe to see what I'm working with. (You should try it - it's actually quite enjoyable, especially during boring meetings.) I then come up with a plan: I select an outfit for each event I have coming up, trying not to schedule the same outfit twice with the same people. I use trial and error: I see how different pieces look together to decide whether I should wear it or forget it. Of course, there are a few misses. (Even a cute dress couldn't remove the lab coat look of this long white jacket I mistakenly bought - I shudder at the memory.) When I have an outfit triumph, I feel positively giddy. Like, finally-beating-that-ridiculous-level-in-Candy Crush-good. (I thankfully broke my Candy Crush addiction over a year ago, but you get the drift.)

It's important to remember, though, what the objectives are in this fashion game. It is not to dress "better" than anyone else. It is not to spend the most money, rigidly follow trends even if you don't like them, or to wear something you think you "should" to create some sort of image. The goal is to dress in the best way you can with your own style! Think of it like a game of chess where you're the Queen and can move in any direction you so choose. No matter what others say, focus on enjoying every move - and outfit choice - you make. Forgive and forget the moves that don't work out - each new day is another chance to nail your outfit. Once you've mastered that mindset, you will always get a checkmate.

And speaking of checks, my new romper deserves a triple crown. It's a one-piece wonder, it's got a summery (and on-trend) gingham pattern, and it only cost me $1! See, fashion is fun. Now, what to wear tomorrow. . .
Let's play!
Is there anything cuter than heart-shaped sunglasses?
When I try to look serious in my photos, I end up looking mad. Tyra would rip me apart. LOL

The Girl With The Fringe Earring

Last month, while Brian was tied up with a friend's pre-wedding shenanigans, Ruby and I were having our own "wild" weekend of shopping, music, food, and more shopping. First, we soaked up the sun at the St. Louis African Arts Festival. In between watching impressive double-dutch jump rope and dancing to classics like "Wobble Baby" (Ruby does this cute lean that's just behind the beat, but she's clearly got skills), we wandered around the booths. Gorgeous, colorful African fabrics, hand-carved sculptures, books - lots of temptation. I was on a mission for unique jewelry, though, and found exactly what I was looking for: a pair of leather shoulder-skimming earrings. 

When I got home and tried them on, the two earrings felt like a bit much. Never one to shy away from a fashion risk, I decided to see how just one earring would look. Yes! I used to do the mismatch earring thing in high school and college, and can't believe I forgot how awesome it is. I've already gotten several compliments on my one-earring look, so if you're feeling a bit daring, try it! Just make sure the earring is a "statement" earring (read: long and/or made out of an unusual fabric) so it doesn't look like asymmetry-by-forgetfulness.
Top: Rung; Jeans: Forever 21; Shoes: Goodwill; Purse: Retro 101; Shades: Leopard Boutique
These feathery, delightful shoes were a mere $3. Isn't thrifting fun?
We finished the weekend at the St. Louis Swap Meet, where Ruby greeted other shoppers with a smile and an excited declaration that they each had a "nose." I scooped up a "World's Best Grandfather" plaque for my dad's Father's Day gift that made him smile. (A mini-meltdown courtesy of Ruby made me miss out on an Eazy-E tee, but some overalls from Janet's Vintage Planet made up for it.) All in all, it was a great weekend of mother-daughter bonding. Brian's weekend was fun too, but some of the activities proved to be too much for him, as he fell asleep just as the "entertainment" arrived. Can't say I'm too sad about that. :)