About Me

I believe there is only one success in life - to spend it in your own way, as fashionably as possible. My blog stays true to that philosophy by featuring outfits created with a mixture of thrifted clothes, unique vintage accessories, and sale finds. The Ruby Zipper also shares style tips and inspiration. I started blogging while pregnant, so you'll find lots of posts about taking on the style challenge of rocking a baby bump. Now that I'm sans bump and starting a new journey as mother to an adorable little girl aptly named Ruby, I'm excited to take the blog in new directions. Look for more eclectic outfits, coverage of local fashion events, and info on indie boutiques in 2014! 

My Style

  • Solid colors make me nervous; I always worry that I look too plain. I gravitate towards crazy patterns, so monochromatic looks are my version of a fashion risk.
  • The life cycle of many of my clothes is very short. An unlucky garment may only get 2-3 wears before I decide I'm sick of it or it's forgotten. Deeply discounted finds are most vulnerable to my mercurial moods, but not even full-price items are completely safe.
  • I admire lots of designers (Betsey Johnson, Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney to name a few) but rarely buy or wear anything "designer." I'm more of a thrifty, hunting-through-clearance-racks kind of girl.
  • While working on my bachelor's degree in psychology in the late 1990s, I was voted "Best Dressed" in my dorm. After suffering through years of school uniforms, I proudly rocked thrifted polyester 70s blouses, vintage tees, and wide-leg pants.
Fun Facts
  • My husband and I are the proud (new) parents to daughter Ruby Estelle, born 10/29/13. We also have an adorable cat, Silver.
  • I would happily survive on a diet of cold cereal, crepes with chocolate and bananas, pizza, and sushi.
  • I was an extra in the Oscar-nominated film "Up In The Air." I rode up in the elevator with my costar, George Clooney. The blurry woman walking the halls about 30 minutes into the movie is me!
  • I'm currently studying Fashion Merchandising at a local college and pursuing creative professional opportunities.
  • My all-time favorite show is Beverly Hills, 90210 (the original). This blog was almost called "The Peach Pit."
Contact Me: therubyzipperblog@gmail.com