One Dress, Endless Possiblities

A Dress By Any Other Name. . .
Style challenge: how many looks can you get from one basic A-line dress? By changing jewelry and shoes of course, the possibilities are endless. But what if you want the style the dress to look like an entirely different item of clothing? That's where the fun really begins! 

Dresses make sweet skirts. The secret is to completely cover the upper half of the dress with another top. Crewneck, v-neck tops, and cardigans buttoned all the way up can work for this illusion. Keep your outfit polished by avoiding tops that are too long or loose-fitting. My favorite way to make a seamless dress-to-skirt transformation is to wear a tie-front top.

Another idea is to convert your short dress into a tunic. All you need for this style trick is to wear the dress over a pair of leggings. Whether you choose a solid hue or a bold pattern (like florals, graphic or global prints), the comfort of leggings is an added bonus! 

Jumpers are equal parts chic and adorable. To make your dress look like a jumper, simply put it over a button-up blouse or long-sleeve top. In warmer months, try wearing a sleeveless A-line dress over a short-sleeved blouse. Bonus style points for pairing the dress with a statement collar top. 

Want more tips? Check out my TV segment on maximizing an LBD on KSDK's "Show Me St. Louis" right here!


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