Fashionably Floral

Because floral prints were (and still are) a hot trend this year, my floral blazer was in heavy outfit rotation during winter and spring. But without a style update, it was in danger of withering under the infamous St. Louis heat. Frayed shorts and a white tank breathed new life into the blazer. With punchy coral platform t-straps and a navy vintage clutch, the floral pattern really blossoms. If you've got a favorite blazer and want to give it a fresh warm-weather twist, pair it with shorts, heels, and a cool clutch!
Blazer: Bar III from Macy's; Shorts: Jessica Simpson Maternity
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Gold necklace: Gifted (family heirloom); Navy clutch: Thrifted vintage; Navy Brooch: Thrifted vintage

Swans Crossing

The soft chirps from these sweet lovebirds are music to my ears - and wardrobe. Not only do I love the dusty rose color of the blouse, the hearts formed by the swans are simply adorable. I swooned over this top for awhile until it went straight from the clearance rack to my closet. (I think the blouse and I were meant to be together, since the last one in the store was in my baby-bump body size.) With comfortable leggings, this blouse won't be singing a swan song anytime soon! Do you have any other ideas on how I can style or wear the blouse?
Blouse: H&M; Leggings: Charlotte Russe; Sandals: Anne Klein; Vintage purse: Retro 101
The swans form the sweetest hearts!

I buttoned it to the top to show off the peter pan collar.

Poppin' Tags 4: White (Bow) Tie Affair

Technically, Independence Day has come and gone, but that didn't stop me from wanting to create some fireworks with my look! For the final day of the Poppin' Tags Challenge, I wanted to create a look around one of my favorite vintage finds: a white pearl bow tie. To create the perfect backdrop for the bow tie, I wore a blue and white striped, cowl-neck tank from one of my favorite resale stores, Rung Boutique. I added my sleek dark wash jeans from another amazing resale store, Sprung Boutique (specializing in maternity and children's apparel) and red accents add a patriotic vibe. I've had so much fun showing off my independent style with resale and thrift store items! 

When you're out poppin' tags at a thrift store, make sure you give yourself lots of time. Especially for thrifty novices, having to hunt through countless hangers just to find one item that's truly "you" (and in your size) is not a quick or easy process. But as you can see, it's well worth it. Feel free to leave your thrift-store shopping tips in the comments!
My vintage pearl bow-tie necklace never fails to makes a statement! I think it was only $2.
Express top: Rung Boutique $10; Joe's designer jeans: Sprung Boutique $20 (on sale); Clutch: Salvation Army $8
Proceeds from Rung & Sprung Boutiques benefit the Women's Foundation of St. Louis, so I feel extra-good knowing my purchases went to a great cause!

Poppin' Tags 3: Diamonds in the Rough

Poppin' Tags, Day 3 - I found what appeared to be a cute maxiskirt with a purple, blue, and teal diamond-shaped pattern in the maternity section at Goodwill. Upon further inspection, I realized that the "skirt" was actually a dress with a tube top. I started to put it back, but at just $3.99, I was not walking away from that skirt/dress/whatever! At home, I decided to use the tube top as a cushion for my little bump and cover the evidence with a tank top. Seeing the look come together with a denim vest, I'm glad I took a chance with the skirt! Tip: when shopping at a thrift store, sometimes it's OK to buy "potential." Trust your instincts and use a little ingenuity - divas on a dime can usually make it work! Please share how you've made a thrift store item work in the comments!
Skirt: Goodwill $3.99; Tank: Goodwill $3; Vest: Goodwill $5; Shoes: Goodwill $5
The vest is actually a jacket with the sleeves cut off!
The colorful print is fun for summer!

Poppin' Tags 2: Mixing Textures

Bumps for My Bump
For Day 2 of the Poppin' Tags Challenge, I decided to wear one of my favorite vintage sweaters. The cheerful bands of colors are fun, but what gives this sweater character is its soft, bumpy texture. I discovered it at a local antique mall. (I hope my bump loves the cozy texture as much as me!) A lightweight khaki skirt provides sleek balance, and brown platform clogs complete the look. Next time you're at a thrift store, don't shy away from an amazing but seemingly out-of-season garment. Combining it with something still in season may create a stellar outfit combo!  

The sweater feels bumpy and shaggy to the touch.
Top: The Green Shag Market/Janet's Vintage Planet $18; Skirt: Goodwill $3; Clogs: Target $6
The side slit gives the skirt a hint of spice!

Poppin' Tags 1: Shortalls for All

Today marks the first day of the Poppin' Tags fashion challenge! (Yes, it is inspired by Macklemore's "Thrift Store" song.) For the next week, I will wear only outfits from thrift or resale stores. Each individual item has to cost under $20, and there can be no repeats. I'll also share some of my treasure-hunting thrifty tips. Enjoy!

Say it ain't so - shortalls are back in style?! I always secretly hoped this 90s fashion fad would come back on trend. To start "Poppin' Tags," I found an awesome pair of short purple overalls at the Goodwill. I kept hunting through the racks until I landed on a purple floral chiffon blouse. The blouse gives the shortalls a much-needed 2013 update. Another option is to pair bibs with a simple tank and strappy sandals. I'm clearly not alone in my giddiness over the revival of this trend, as some of my favorite bloggers are also showing off their inner fly girls (check them out here: Darling TwoAllie's Fashion AlleyMz Cocoh's Files).

So, do you plan to try out shortalls/overalls version 2013? Tip: If you're on the fence about a trying a new (or old) trend, thrift stores let you test the waters with minimal risk and cost commitment! 
Shortalls $4.50, Blouse $3.99 from Goodwill
My 90s style has no boundaries.
Now. . .
. . .and then! Circa 1994

Sunny Side-Up

To celebrate my 2nd wedding anniversary, I decided to add some sunshine with an LYD. This bright minidress in summer's hottest hue is one of my rare designer purchases. Originally from See by Chloé's 2009 spring collection, the dress sold for around $385. The price tag for yours truly? An astonishing $22! Wear a buttercup dress to a summer wedding or add just a pop of color with a neon yellow purse. Whatever shade of yellow you choose, dare to order your look sunny side-up.

yellow chloe dress; coral shoes
Dress: See by Chloé, Avalon Exchange; Shoes: Urban Outfitters; Purse: from Mexico; Necklace: Stella & Dot.   
We had a yummy pasta dinner first, and the rode up in the Gateway Arch.

Punky Boeser

Today, I was inspired by fellow St. Louis fashion bloggers' cool black-and-white outfit collaboration (check it out on: Economy of Style, Garnets & Sapphires, Style Every Day, Oh, Julia Ann). So I created a look of my own - with a punky edge. I've been missing my studded black boots, assuming they had to sit quietly in my closet until fall. But when paired with cropped black leggings and an ironic muscle tee, the whole look rocks for summer. As a bonus, the outfit was perfect for my 5-star, expert Guitar Hero performance of a blistering Metallica song! (The audience of one loved it, as evidenced by the mosh pit she created in my tummy). Does this look strikes a chord or hit a sour note?

Tee: Forever 21; Lace arm cuff: Material Girl from Macy's; Leggings: Forever 21; Studded boots: Steve Madden; Clutch: Baker's Shoes
How would you fill in that blank?
These boots punk out any outfit!
No matter how you style it, black & white never go out of fashion!
I submitted this look as my RSVP to IFB Project #109's Blogger's Black and White Ball. Check it out here!

Color Me Bad

Adding a pop of color to an outfit to punch it up is always fun. Today, I wanted more than just a pop - I wanted a full-blown color explosion! I've had this teal top for awhile and usually wear it with jeans or black pants. I was thrilled to discover that it complemented the hues in a recently-bought pair of geometric print leggings. Paired with coral platform shoes (another shade from the leggings' color overload), it's impossible not to have a blast!
I am so happy that patterned leggings have made a comeback! Now, I just hope stirrup pants make a similar style resurgence.
Top: Charlotte Russe; Leggings: Burlington Coat Factory; Shoes: Urban Outfitters; Shades: thrifted
My daughter-to-be is making her presence known!


Kaleidoscope Print + Pencil Skirt + Vintage Bag

I found this incredible mirror-print top at one of my favorite local vintage/resale stores and wanted to style it in a professional-but-not-remotely-business-casual manner. Pencil skirts fit that bill, but I didn't think they were flattering on me, so I don't own one. I spent a few minutes sifting around in my drawers when I found a black maxidress that had never reached its style potential. Inspiration struck! I pulled up the dress to make it shorter, topped it with the mirror-print shell and voila! I added nude heels, a chunky necklace and my favorite vintage butterfly purse.

Top: Thrifted from Avalon Exchange, Skirt from H&M, Shoes from Macy's
Psst. . .I've got a (style) secret. . . That pencil skirt is really a maxidress!
I LOVE my vintage 1960s butterfly bag from Retro 101 in St. Louis.

Crazy prints are a fun way to camouflage a growing baby bump, but also can also show it off. 
The necklace is a family heirloom of sorts; we've never been sure who owned it first (my great aunt? my great grandmother? a long-lost late cousin?). My sister has been nice enough to let me wear it, uncontested. Actually, she probably forgot I have it!

Photos Courtesy of Erin B Photography