Poppin' Tags 2: Mixing Textures

Bumps for My Bump
For Day 2 of the Poppin' Tags Challenge, I decided to wear one of my favorite vintage sweaters. The cheerful bands of colors are fun, but what gives this sweater character is its soft, bumpy texture. I discovered it at a local antique mall. (I hope my bump loves the cozy texture as much as me!) A lightweight khaki skirt provides sleek balance, and brown platform clogs complete the look. Next time you're at a thrift store, don't shy away from an amazing but seemingly out-of-season garment. Combining it with something still in season may create a stellar outfit combo!  

The sweater feels bumpy and shaggy to the touch.
Top: The Green Shag Market/Janet's Vintage Planet $18; Skirt: Goodwill $3; Clogs: Target $6
The side slit gives the skirt a hint of spice!


  1. Love that sweater, going to be snooping your blog for your pregnancy style. I'm pregnant with my first and a fellow St Louisan. What are your favorite thrift store in the area? I started following you on bloglovin! Super fun blog!
    xo jess

    1. Thanks for the comment and follow, Jess! I love the Ballwin and Brentwood Goodwills, The Green Shag Market and Rung Boutique for thrifted items. Congrats on your pregnancy!