Poppin' Tags 3: Diamonds in the Rough

Poppin' Tags, Day 3 - I found what appeared to be a cute maxiskirt with a purple, blue, and teal diamond-shaped pattern in the maternity section at Goodwill. Upon further inspection, I realized that the "skirt" was actually a dress with a tube top. I started to put it back, but at just $3.99, I was not walking away from that skirt/dress/whatever! At home, I decided to use the tube top as a cushion for my little bump and cover the evidence with a tank top. Seeing the look come together with a denim vest, I'm glad I took a chance with the skirt! Tip: when shopping at a thrift store, sometimes it's OK to buy "potential." Trust your instincts and use a little ingenuity - divas on a dime can usually make it work! Please share how you've made a thrift store item work in the comments!
Skirt: Goodwill $3.99; Tank: Goodwill $3; Vest: Goodwill $5; Shoes: Goodwill $5
The vest is actually a jacket with the sleeves cut off!
The colorful print is fun for summer!


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