Poppin' Tags 4: White (Bow) Tie Affair

Technically, Independence Day has come and gone, but that didn't stop me from wanting to create some fireworks with my look! For the final day of the Poppin' Tags Challenge, I wanted to create a look around one of my favorite vintage finds: a white pearl bow tie. To create the perfect backdrop for the bow tie, I wore a blue and white striped, cowl-neck tank from one of my favorite resale stores, Rung Boutique. I added my sleek dark wash jeans from another amazing resale store, Sprung Boutique (specializing in maternity and children's apparel) and red accents add a patriotic vibe. I've had so much fun showing off my independent style with resale and thrift store items! 

When you're out poppin' tags at a thrift store, make sure you give yourself lots of time. Especially for thrifty novices, having to hunt through countless hangers just to find one item that's truly "you" (and in your size) is not a quick or easy process. But as you can see, it's well worth it. Feel free to leave your thrift-store shopping tips in the comments!
My vintage pearl bow-tie necklace never fails to makes a statement! I think it was only $2.
Express top: Rung Boutique $10; Joe's designer jeans: Sprung Boutique $20 (on sale); Clutch: Salvation Army $8
Proceeds from Rung & Sprung Boutiques benefit the Women's Foundation of St. Louis, so I feel extra-good knowing my purchases went to a great cause!