Skirting the Issue: 4 Ways to Wear a Maxiskirt

Maxiskirts have become a wardrobe staple for me, so I was inspired to share some tips on how to wear them. Consider what type of silhouette you want (slim-fit versus billowy) when styling the skirt. Choosing the right shoes is also key. Petite gals may need to wear heels or wedges to accommodate the length of the skirt, where taller chicas may need flats to avoid a high-water look (unless that's the intention). Here are 4 fresh ways you can wear your favorite maxiskirts. Which way is your fave?

1. Streamlined: If you have a slim-fitting maxiskirt, pairing it with a fitted top creates a cool, sleek look. You may want to leave the top untucked to avoid disturbing the overall flow.

2. Bottoms up: With a billowy maxiskirt, a slim top creates a stylish contrast. This time, tucking in the shirt may look really cute. Tees, sweaters, and sleeveless button-up blouses all work for this silhouette.

3. Top down: Another idea is to go top down - pair a slouchy shirt or blouse to balance out a sleeker maxiskirt. Try a relaxed sweatshirt and printed sneakers for a sporty, girlie look.

4. Crop out: Maxiskirts are surprisingly very cute with now-trending crop tops. The long skirt provides a sweet balance to the spiciness of the exposed tummy. 


  1. Love your first outfit! I usually have to wear heels to fit this type of look! I'm too short!


  2. Thanks, Jacqueline! Maxiskirts look very cute with chunky heels! :)