Project Runway Comes to St. Louis!

Every week, I act as a virtual judge on Project Runway. I tell my cat or husband my brilliant opinions on the fashions, yell at the rest of the judges when my fave designers are auf'ed, and smile triumphantly when Heidi et al actually listen to me and agree with my critiques. So, over the weekend I was beyond excited to see some of the show's alums at Saint Louis Fashion Week for the Project Runway Show! As one of the STLFW bloggers, I had the honor of sitting inches away from the amazing designs. The next day at the Project Runway All-Star Trunk Show at Ziezo, I got to meet some of the designers in person! Here is my rundown of the Project Runway designers and festivities:
This was the first-ever fashion show at the fabulous St. Louis Fox Theatre!
Laura Kathleen (Season 9, All-Stars Season 2)
A St. Louis native, Laura Kathleen was memorable on the TV show for her feminine, sophisticated designs. The self-pronounced "Barbie with a Bite" co-hosted the evening. She then described her glamorous collection as based upon the woman she aspires to be: confident, interesting, and always impeccably dressed. 
Photos by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine
Laura Kathleen hanging out in the U. City Loop with fellow PR alums Viktor & Casanova
Michael Drummond (Season 8)
Another St. Louis native, I remember Michael for his witty quips and standout knitwear. He transported the audience to a cool, futuristic fashion planet with his avant-garde collection. With his use of fringe, leather, and innovative footwear designs, I was in no hurry to come back to Earth.
Photos by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine
Michael Drummond posing beside his collection at Ziezo
Anthony Ryan (Season 9, All-Stars Season 2)When Anthony Ryan starred on the TV show, I felt inspired that he didn't let his bout with cancer stop him from pursuing his dreams. At Saturday's show, he revealed that he was recently diagnosed with cancer for a second time. As his designs graced the runway, it was clear that his talent is matched only by his courage. His Native American-inspired collection was one of my faves of the night! I am definitely looking forward to seeing his more affordable collaboration with Nine West.
Photos by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine
April Johnston (Season 8, All-Stars Season 1)
Fans may remember April's feisty personality, silver hair, and dark, ethereal design aesthetic. Her current collection was edgy and pretty, but the white color palette gave the garments a surprisingly delicate quality. I especially loved her use of feathers and beading.
Photos by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine
Viktor Luna (Season 9)
I was a huge Viktor fan on his season because of his impeccable construction, colorful aesthetic and the insanely hot white jacket he designed. He told me at the trunk show that the white jacket is still one of his most talked-about designs and that there may be another one in the works. His present collection had bold colors, graphic prints, and a sporty feel. 
Photos by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine
Viktor posing beside his collection at Ziezo
Joshua McKinley (Season 9, All-Stars Season 1)

Who can forget Joshua's bold personality and equally loud designs? His collection was my other favorite of the evening. The colorful designs were a master class in textile- and print-mixing: houndstooth, boucle, fringe, sequins, mesh, and leather. His hope was to design clothing that is "audible without conversation." Mission accomplished!
Photos by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine
Casanova (Season 8, All-Stars Season 2)
Puerto Rican native Casanova made an impact on his seasons with his vivacious, humorous personality. He describes his design aesthetic as "risqué." His present collection featured silky resort wear with sexy accents like intricate back detailing.
Photos by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine

Casanova poses beside his collection at Ziezo
Which designers and collections are your favorites? 


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