Fictitious Fashionistas I Wish I'd Gone To School With

Junior high and high school struck the ultimate blow to my creative expression: uniforms. School was already tough - I was one of only two African Americans in my class. I was also difficult to pigeon-hole into any particular clique. My CD/cassette collection consisted of Ace of Base, Tori Amos, Beastie Boys and Nirvana; I was president of Math Club and Dance Club; I was vocally gentle but fashionably loud. Of course, I now think I was a pretty rad kid, but it didn't always feel that way at the time. Planning outfits and jewelry was my solace. Having a stylish sidekick like one of these fictitious fashionistas would have made things so much more fun! 

Punky from "Punky Brewster"
Punky was that fearless, spunky kid that brightened everyone's day with her smile and shenanigans. And her wardrobe of mismatched shoes, denim vests, and colorful layers made her a girl you didn't soon forget. Punky and I would have had some amazing fashion adventures together! (Sorry, Cherie and Margot.) 

Lisa Turtle from "Saved By The Bell"
Bayside High was the perfect school with its clueless teachers, hapless principal, and of course The Max. My best friend would have been Lisa Turtle, president of the Fashion Club and Screech's witty, unrequited love. She epitomized the early 90s style with her crazy patterns, ruffle skirts and fun earrings. Even watching reruns today gives me fresh fashion ideas.

Clarissa from "Clarissa Explains It All"
Clarissa was the girl-next-door who was always a step ahead of the trend. I couldn't wait to tune in each week to hear her life lessons and see what she was wearing. Ripped jeans and pink tights? I'm all over it!

Claudia Kishi from "The Baby-Sitter's Club"
I never enjoyed babysitting as a teen, but would have happily been an alternate member of the BSC to hang out with the artsy VP, Claudia. Not only did she have her own private phone line (way cool), she had arguably the best style at Stoneybrook Middle School. Her best friend, BSC treasurer Stacey also had an enviable wardrobe. My favorite part of each book was reading the descriptions of Claud's outfits and hand-made jewelry.

Cher, Dionne, and Post-Makeover Tai from "Clueless"
Clueless is perhaps the most quintessential fashion movie of all time, rivaled only by the later "Sex and the City" series. At Bronson Alcott High School, there is no question which Betties I'd be rolling with! The plaid ensembles are of course classic, but I'm equally awed by the knee socks, fuzzy backpacks, over-the-top hats, and Mary Janes. I did have a crush on Murray though, so Dionne and I may have had a clash. . . 

Who were your favorite TV land trendsetters?


  1. Oh my gosh! I always wanted to be one of the Clueless girls! I was so in love with Cher's wardrobe. And Punky Brewster? I just adore her! Great post :)

    1. Thanks, Amber! The Clueless girls were in a class by themselves!