A quick tour of my closet reveals a rainbow of colors, sequins, studs, tribal prints, florals, stripes, and plaid. Noticeably absent is a lot of solid colors. It's strange - when I see solid-colored garments on other people, I often think the look is stunning. But I have this weird fear that too many solids make me look . . .  plain? (In my opinion, a fashion fate worse than death.) Ironically, I feel safer in a wild print like this one. At the very least, I crave chunky jewelry, a printed collar, or interesting textile effects to feel like "me."

My daughter's impending arrival has required and inspired me to explore different fashion styles. I've actually been wearing lots of solids lately. My monochromatic coral outfit for St. Louis Fashion Week's Project Runway Show made me feel very sophisticated. The consensus among fellow bloggers at the show was clear: coral is a chic, upbeat color. Is wearing solids going to become a habit for me post-baby? Who knows? Fashion is all about taking risks, even if that means wearing (gasp!) just one color. For fun, I also styled the dress with a cheetah print sweater and knee socks. Which look do you like better?

Dress: H&M; Clutch: Bakers; Shoes: Urban Outfitters (left); Dress: H&M; Cardigan: Delia's; Shoes: Payless; Socks and Arm Candy: Macy's (right)

How have you stepped outside your fashion comfort zone? Are you a prints-cess or solid stylista?


  1. Hello. Dropping by from Stylininstlouis link up. I am more of prints and solid. Haha. If you happen to have a chance, drop by my blog and you will know why I say that, because almost all my posts are with prints and solids mixed..

    1. True--a mixture of prints and solids is always cute! Thanks so much for your comment and I am happy to check out your blog too! :)