Professor Bootie

This vintage Beastie Boys tee has sentimental value for me: I wore it the night I met my husband. Ironically, I had decided that I didn't want to meet any guys that night so I wasn't getting too dolled up. (I still had to show off my licensed-to-ill style, so I wore the Beasties top, a camel suede blazer, jeans, and brown booties.) At the start of our girls' night, a friend told me about this "hot guy" she wanted me to meet. I just sipped my drink and smiled, putting no stock in the potential blind date since she hadn't actually talked to him in months. By the time we reached our next stop, her longtime friend and "great guy" were all but forgotten. But as we walked into O'Malley's Pub, a local watering hole I had never heard of, my heart almost stopped. Sitting there with his friends watching a boxing match was the elusive "great guy" AKA Brian AKA Future Soul Mate. Brian is a Beasties fan and insanely smart (and just as handsome as promised, always a bonus), so he was clearly a keeper.

Now, 4.5 years later, I'm still rocking the tee. . .with a sparkly wedding band and a baby bump! The original suede blazer and booties have long since been donated during one of my "I'm bored with this stuff and want to go shopping" moods. Today, I paired the tee with a black pencil skirt (that's actually a maxidress pulled up), black moto jacket, and totally on-trend black booties. Who knew this tee would end up changing my life?
Here's the Sure Shot.
Jacket: F21, Tee: Urban Outfitters; Skirt: Old Navy; Booties: Macy's; Clutch: Vintage
I'm as cool as cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce.
Triple Trouble: Moto jacket + Rock tee + Booties
She's Crafty. . .just like her mom
She's the cheese and I'm the macaroni.
Mustache earrings: Claire's Boutiques
Professor, what's another word for [fashion] treasure? Well, I think it's bootie.