Style in the Loop

This year, the annual Style in the Loop fashion festival partnered with Alive Magazine to join the Saint Louis Fashion Week lineup. Held in the eclectic entertainment and shopping district lovingly referred to as "The U City Loop" by locals (AKA the neighborhood in which I grew up), I knew this show would rock. The Loop is typically an informal parade of innovative garments, ink and piercings, street performers, vintage fashions, and fearless trendsetters. In other words, anything goes. Refreshing, right? True to form, the Style in the Loop showed an exciting array of local designers' collections.

Here are the designs that would be perfect additions to my wardrobe:
A super-cute romper designed by Michael Shead
Photo by Amber JoIvan for ALIVE Magazine 
A pop of orange from I Am Sly by Jessica Affsprung
Photo by Amber JoIvan for ALIVE Magazine
A classy yet sassy shimmery outfit from Mekhat
Photo by Amber JoIvan for ALIVE Magazine
Funky mirror prints and a rad denim jumpsuit by Whitney Manney
Photos by Amber JoIvan for ALIVE Magazine
Quirky and retro designs by Project Runway alum AJ  Thouvenot
Photos by Amber JoIvan for ALIVE Magazine

Flowy prints and edgy leather from Conjetta
Photos by Amber JoIvan for ALIVE Magazine

For my look, I went for a classic girlie-grunge combo with a leather vest, ruffly dress and studded boots.
Vest: Express; Dress: Macy's; Clutch: Thrifted; Necklace: Vintage Family Heirloom; Boots: Steve Madden
On a side note, I deliberately attended the event with very little money to force myself not to buy anything. But how can I go to a shopping district and not shop? I have next to no willpower when it comes to thrift store and vintage bargains, so I did make a couple of purchases at a sidewalk sale. I spent a whopping $1.50. ;)


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