Happy Mom, Happy Baby

I'm ba-ack! I am settling into my new role as mother to little Ruby Estelle, born October 29, 2013. My days are now filled with feedings, diaper changes, selecting onesies, and BH 90210 reruns. Minus the sleep deprivation, it's actually quite wonderful, especially since Ruby personifies the word "cute." Not so fun? Spending the day in boring sweats and lounging clothes. My first college roommate nailed it shortly after she met me: while she wore jeans and a sweatshirt daily, she said that if she saw me doing that, she'd wonder what was wrong with me! So, in the spirit of "happy mom, happy baby," I back to wearing fab garments - and very excited to share the outfits with all of you!

First, I wanted to get a couple more wears out of an adorable romper I found this summer at the Goodwill for $4. I topped the romper with a vintage sweater scored from a garage sale for $4 and added knee socks and booties for warmth. I think this look will be perfect for brunch or coffee in the near future. For right now, it works for spending quality time with my daughter and husband, even if it's just a trip to Target. I'd love to hear your thoughts - does wearing a cute outfit make you feel better, even if you're not going anywhere big?
Sweater: Thrifted from garage sale; Romper: (NY & Co) Goodwill; Knee socks: Hue; Booties: Macy's; Eyewear: Versace 


  1. people always ask me why I'm so "dressed up".
    I don't think that I am- I just know that it lifts my mood and its fun!
    congrats on your lil' Ruby- what a blessing!
    you look happy and so pretty!

    1. Thanks so much! I agree, wearing something that makes you feel good can definitely lift your spirits!