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There are few things, aside from Ruby's *sweet* cries of hunger or need to freshen up, that will get me out of my cozy bed on a blustery Saturday morning. However, I was invited by local blogger Jillian of A Little Slice of Pye to check out the newest location of Artemis Shop. As soon as I learned that the store carried vintage-inspired merchandise, I was so there. I put Brian on Ruby-duty and made the 35-minute trek from St. Louis to the quaint town of Lebanon, Illinois.

Artemis Shop's inception resulted from an eclectic box of yard sale treasures. About a month (!) after the owner, Kris Mack, visited the fateful sale, she opened a small vintage store in Spokane, WA stocked with hand-picked items from all over the world. Within two years, Kris and fellow dreamer Stacy Kraby expanded the store to a curated mix of new and antique fashion and home décor. Very inspiring!

I received a warm welcome at the boutique, complete with a musical serenade broadcast on the town's main street. (They must have known I was coming.) Most of the shop's items are from creative indie artists, so they have that one-of-a-kind, higher-quality-than-the-mall flavor. Although I saw lots of jewelry, purses, trinkets, books and clothing that I wanted, I showed incredible restraint. I can't walk into a boutique that cute and not buy something, so I purchased a mini-book of dog poetry for my sister's birthday gift and some incredibly comfortable leggings. The rest of my wish list will be outlined in detail for Santa (AKA my husband) to "accidentally" find. He won't even have to travel far, since most items from the store are available online! Here are some pics from my visit and in-store fashion show: 
Look 1: Knitted Dove Dress  (in store only); Look 2: Freeway Santa Fe Cardigan $118 (here); Look 3: Knitted Dove Moose Terry Top $48 (here) + Kling skirt $48 (in store only)
Zany prints? I'm in love.
Corey Calter Geometric Dress, $165 (order here)
Artemis Shop, located at 2088 Saint Louis St., Lebanon, IL 62254 www, 


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