Coyote Pretty: DIY Decal Sweater

'Twas the night before (the night before) Christmas, and all through the house, fashion was on the brain and I wanted a new blouse. 
With Ruby in tow, Brian and I hopped in the car. Unique and stylish options for us all weren't far. 
At our favorite antique mall, we made the rounds. I couldn't wait to show my family what I had found!
Amidst the peculiar items on the shelves, were materials to a sweet look I could make myself: 
A vintage sweater with a lovely rust hue and a sparkly coyote patch too.
Ruby's eyes grew big and Brian beamed. As I looked at my family I thought, life is but a dream.

DIY Decal Sweater
I knew the coyote patch would be perfect to create my own animal motif sweater, especially since the the hunt for such a sweater in traditional stores was such a bust. I would rate this project's level of difficulty at a 1 or 2. It took less than an hour - even with an intermittently crying baby. No sewing machine needed. Want to create your own cute decal sweater? Here's how I did it:
Vintage sweater: Janet's Vintage Planet

1. Gather the materials. You'll need a patch or decal, a sweater/t-shirt/sweatshirt, a sturdy needle, thread that is a similar color to the top, and an iron. The most crucial part is finding the right patch. Luckily, they are laying in wait for a creative-minded individual to repurpose in vintage stores, etsy, ebay, estate sales, etc.
2. Lay the top on a flat surface and place the decal where you'd like it to go. Pin it in place. If you're not sure how it will look, try the top on with the pinned patch.
3. Using the standard over-under (AKA running) stitch, sew the patch on. Tip: have a glass of water handy in case the needle gets a little sticky.
4. Turn the top inside-out and iron over the decal to ensure that it sticks. (If you get an iron-on patch, you may be able to skip the sewing altogether. I sewed mine on too because wool isn't the easiest fabric for adherence. You can always iron it on first and then see how well it sticks.)
5. Wear your new top with pride!
This little coyote is howling at the moon! Decal: Green Shag Market
So, what do ya think?

PS - The poem in this post was inspired by another local blogger's tale of Christmas Eve outfit antics, Oh, Julia Ann .


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