Gonna Make You Sweat

OK, so I know I said I didn't like wearing sweats. And in their pure form, that's true. However, I am loving the chic sweatshirt trend! I found this sweatshirt dress at the Goodwill when I was looking for functional-but-still-cute garments to pack in my pregnancy suitcase. The grey dress didn't make the hospital bag because I had bigger plans for it than a maternity ward fashion show. Instead, I knew it would be much more fun and unexpected to wear it as a jumper. I paired it with a studded button-up shirt, patterned tights, and knee-high boots to wear to a special blogger event at Artemis Shop. Have you found a sweatshirt that you can glam up?
Blouse: Forever 21; Sweatshirt Dress: Goodwill ($4!!!); Necklace: Vintage
There's something quite sweet about butterflies in the snow. Purse: Retro 101; Tights: Hue; Boots: Carlos Santana


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