14 Fashion Resolutions for 2014

Coolest New Year's Eve shirt ever: Goodwill, $4

In 2014, I resolve to do the following:

1. I will wear more plaid. Because it's rad. (UPDATE: Check out this blazer.)

2. I will dress like "me" everyday.

3. I will sew my own tulle party skirt. The materials are bought, so now I just have to do it! If it turns out sweet, I will post pics. (UPDATE: It turned out mega-sweet. See it here!)

4. I will buy a hot red dress, and then find somewhere to wear it!

5. I will wear a colorful scarf when I'm stumped for outfit ideas.

6. I will shop my closet more when I think I have "nothing to wear." Discovering some long-forgotten cute skirt makes me giddy.

7. I will try a new makeup color in my lipstick and eye shadow.

8. I will go to as many fashion shows and events as I can. (UPDATE: Totally nailed this resolution. I went to New York Fashion Week and Saint Louis Fashion Week, among many other awesome events. Can't wait for 2015!)

9. I will compliment another woman's outfit when she wears something I think is fabulous.

10. I will seek out work as a freelance fashion writer and move closer to my fashion editor dream job. (UPDATE: I got work published in Independent Retailer and on The CubicleChick.com and Alive Mag.com. Yeah!)

11. I will continue taking courses in Fashion Merchandising to learn more about the industry.

12. I will not let my fingernail polish get chipped. (Of all my resolutions, this one is probably the least likely to happen.)

13. I will save up for an amazing, overpriced boutique outfit.

14. I will love the skin I'm in. As long as I'm healthy, I will remind myself that I still rock!

What are you planning to do, style-wise, in 2014?


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