ALIVE Bride - Signature Drink

Before the birth of my daughter, the best day of my life was my wedding day. With only 6 months to plan it, I dutifully followed the steps in my bridal binder (venue? check!; registry? check!) and logged a ridiculous number of hours watching every bridal show possible. (I will never watch "Bridezillas" again.) I put my heart and soul into each aspect of the wedding and reception; just picking out the guest favors took days weeks. I really wanted the "signature drink" served at my reception to be perfect. I stressed about it for hours, wanting the drink to have a clever name and snappy ingredients. My then-fiancé couldn't understand why I was torturing myself over such a "minor" detail, but if you've ever planned a wedding, you get it. Eventually, I had to move on and focus on the equally, majorly important task of crafting centerpieces. We ended up serving the tasty but admittedly un-clever "Sweetheart Martini," a mix of vodka and peach juice.

In honor of ALIVE Magazine's upcoming bridal showcase, ALIVE Bride, I was invited to create a new signature drink with Pinnacle Vodka and Skinny Girl Prosecco. I call this drink - wait for it - The Ruby Sipper! (Get it?) Here's how you can make one:

2 parts Ruby Red grapefruit juice + 1 part Pinnacle Vodka + 1.5 parts Skinnygirl Prosecco champagne + a splash of cinnamon schappes to give the drink some extra spice! Be careful though - too much of this can make the drink too sugary.

Mix it up and enjoy! My husband thought his Ruby Sipper was "girlie" but mostly good. He's not a big fan of cinnamon, though. I would love to hear what you think of your Ruby Sipper!
P.S. - Going to a bridal showcase was an extremely helpful part of my wedding planning. At ALIVE Bride, there will be 30+ merchants including local photographers, florists, and special event venues. (Tell your life-partner-to-be there will be cocktail and culinary samples if they need a little encouragement.) Exclusive promo for The Ruby Zipper readers: enter coupon code RUBY50 for 50% off VIP tickets!


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