Don't Punk With Me

As Ruby and I rocked out to some Rancid (she loves the song "Ruby Soho" for some odd reason), I was shocked and disappointed to learn via Facebook that one of the coolest stores in the U. City Loop, Ziezo, was closing its doors after over 30 years. The funky, vintage-inspired, sometimes weird but always colorful merchandise was very welcome in my closet. But, my uber-tight clothing budget usually forced me to put my picks back on the rack (insert sad face). I perked up when I saw that the store was having a crazy-huge, everything-must-go sale. A few hours later, a bundled-up Ruby looked on as I sifted through the scarce garments. (For the record, Ruby has quickly become my favorite shopping partner. She lets me pick the stores, appears to approve of what I try on, and doesn't mind that I'm an almost annoyingly slow, meticulous shopper. And no, I refuse to believe that this is only because she can sleep through the trips.) As I walked towards the dressing room with an armload of possibilities, I saw them: a pair of amazing, ode-to-punk-rock wedges. Um, yes. I styled a punk-chic look to go with the shoes:

This was the last pair in the store. Before I even tried them on, I decided that I was going to squeeze my feet into them no matter what I had to do. Miraculously, the shoes were in my size.
Sweatshirt: Material Girl; Pencil Skirt (maxidress): H&M; Belt: Hot Topic; Tights: Hue; Shoes: Ziezo; Necklace: Vintage
Anyone who likes alternative music probably owns this  studded "punk" belt. Who cares? I still love it. :)
The shoes are such standouts, I kept the rest of my outfit relatively simple. A few studded accents and funky tights keep the look cool and not overdone.
Don't punk with me. I like crossword puzzles.
P.S. For a bittersweet tribute to Ziezo, check out local blogger The Wicked Wallflower's post here. I'm proud to own a few pieces of St. Louis fashion history!

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