The Magic's In the Makeup

One of my New Year's resolutions is to upgrade my makeup collection. Even though I try new fashion trends without hesitation, my makeup game is not nearly as on point. I've probably been wearing the same makeup, applied in the same way for years. Sure, I can do the basics - lipstick, mascara, brows, a bit of eyeliner and the occasional colorful eyeshadow. But my makeup artistry skills are limited to shoddily executed techniques from magazines and a few quick mall "makeovers." Lucky for me, I recently got some help from a true professional, Vincent Longo. (For those of you unfamiliar with his magic touch, he has worked with the likes of Heidi Klum, Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell.) Soft Surroundings at The Boulevard St. Louis hosted a special event to launch Vincent's makeup line, Vincent Longo Cosmetics. In between sipping champagne and perusing the store's eclectic merchandise, I watched women become even more beautiful with subtle and dramatic new looks.

When Vincent worked with me (yes, lil' old, non-celebrity me), I learned 2 cool tricks of the trade that I've already started using: 
1. Apply a few dots of lipstick, lipgloss or liquid blush to your checks and then apply your foundation. You're left with a pretty, rosy glow.
2. When filling in your eyebrows with powder, start from the middle and work your way in (not the other way around.) According to Vincent, that gives a more natural look since less product is on the innermost part of the brows. 

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Pre-makeover: Jacket & Dress: H&M; Purse: Vintage; Necklace: Vintage

Post-makeover with local bloggers Psyche of Economy of Style and Julia of Oh, Julia Ann
How come my eyebrows never look like that when I do them?


  1. Love this outfit! So chic!

    Deanna from

    1. Thanks! The dress was only $5.95 at a Black Friday sale!