'Unicorns Are Lame,' Said Nobody, Ever

Ever since I was a child, I have always loved unicorns. There's something so magical and whimsical about them. The fact that they have only one horn instead of two like most animals fascinates me. Like, unicorns don't need two horns; they are cool and strong enough to just need one. Unicorns are beacons of independence! I've been very close on multiple occasions to getting a unicorn tattoo, but then start to think it's too. . .uncool? I don't know - I love them despite my age or what anyone thinks, so perhaps one day I'll get one inked on my arm or something. Even as I type this, I'm starting to get that urge again. . . For now, I'm loving my new unicorn sweater!
My "skirt" is actually a dress topped with the sweater.
Sweater: Wet Seal; Denim Shirt: J. Crew; Skirt: Femme Boutique; Tights: Hue; Shoes: Steve Madden;
Eyewear: Versace; Earrings: Forever 21

P.S. - The title in this post is borrowed from a T-shirt that may soon be part of my wardrobe from Skip N' Whistle, a neat online boutique I learned about from local blogger Rachel of Style Every Day.


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