Cream of the Crop: DIY Embellished Sweater

I always feel proud when I wear this sweater because I embellished it myself! I cut a gaudy collar off a shapeless thrift store sweater, planning to attach the collar to another top. That plan never came to fruition because no matter how I turned it, the collar's odd shape just didn't look as cute as I wanted it to. But something told me to keep it anyway, because its blue and gold jewels were just too pretty to discard. The collar-of-unrealized-dreams sat in my sewing studio for months. But after a net-surfing session led me to this post, inspiration struck.I cut up the collar and stitched on the baubles to a clearance-rack sweater, making the whole project cost under $10. If you have a bunch of random jewels, don't throw them out - sew them onto a solid top for a whole new garment!
Sweater: F21 (embellished by yours truly); Jeans: $4 specials from Gordmann's; Flats: Macy's; Purse: Vintage

This was the picture that inspired me, found on Who What Wear. 

Hand-stitching everything was time-consuming, but so worth it. And, it can be done while catching up on Law & Order SVU reruns.
Yes, I made this awesome sweater myself! :)


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