Birds on Parade to Kickoff STLFW

To celebrate the launch of Spring 2014 Fashion Week in St. Louis, I attended Fabric at St. Louis Public Radio. The festivities included tasty-enough-to-double-as-dinner-appetizers, a mini-video on textile production, and a panel discussion by local industry professionals on fashion's evolution in St. Louis. My nerdy side appreciated the panel's thoughtful comments, but I was totally distracted by all the fabulous outfits surrounding me. In addition to a knitwear presentation by local designers who make their own fabric, the dress-to-impress crowd put their style into overdrive. I kept seeing an innovative outfit and fervently taking mental notes, thinking, "Ooh! I've got to try that!" Not surprisingly, my fellow blogger babes rocked some of my favorite outfits. Between Jill of Stilettos on Sunday Morning's neon-inspired getup, Sarah of The Wicked Wallflower's lace bell-bottoms (I know), and Brittany of Love.Style.Transform's leather pencil skirt, my style wheels were rapidly spinning. . .

For my outfit, I went for a sugar-and-spice look with a moto jacket and pleated dress. Last time I wore the dress, I made my TV debut as a fashionista, so it's got great karma. What do you think?

Dress & Jacket: Forever 21; Shoes: Steve Madden; Tights: Hue; Clutch: Vintage
My tights literally stopped traffic. A woman stopped her car mid-street just to ask where I got them!
Some of the birds have top hats. I can barely handle it! 

Recognize that dress? It was recently featured on my slightly guilty pleasure, TV show Degrassi. Even though the series that launched Drake (AKA Aubrey Graham/Jimmy Brooks) is onto its 3rd or 4th recycled storylines, I still watch. :)
P.S. I was selected as an official Ambassador for Saint Louis Fashion Week this April! So, I'll be covering each of the events on my blog, including a sold-out presentation by designer Rebecca Minkoff. Get tickets for other shows and meet the lovely bloggers for #STLFW here.

Here is a pic of some of us at the event!
From left: Marisa (Vogue Rhythm); Sarah (Wicked Wallflower); Jill (Stilettos on Sunday Morning); Me; Rachel (Style Every Day); Yasmin (Bangles and Bungalows)
Photo courtesy of Psyche (Economy of Style)

That 70s Shirt

College wardrobe nostalgia and undeniable thrifty cravings (yes, I know I have a problem) led me to explore a new-to-me thrift store, Red Racks. With my roll-dawg Ruby (she's still riding around in a stroller, so she hasn't reached "road-dawg" status yet), I scoured the racks for at least one polyester button-up shirt. This shirt's Western print and wide collar transported me right back to the good ol' college days. I also couldn't resist throwing some bell-bottom jeans into the cart. The laid-back, cool, retro vibe of this outfit makes me wonder why I ever stopped wearing these shirts! I may have go to back and get a few more. . .With any luck, I'll find the ones I foolishly recycled somewhere!
Shirt & Jeans: Red Racks; Shoes: Bakers; Purse: Steve Madden; Shades: Claire's

Home, home on the range. Where the birds and the antelope play.

Double Take: Jean Shirt

The work week is infinitely more manageable when you tackle your tasks in comfy denim. Here are two chic ways to make your jean shirt work for you!
Wear a denim shirt underneath an A-line dress, add some pumps and a smart bag.
Layer a cropped printed top over your denim shirt, wear sleek black pants, and add your trusty satchel. 

Plaid To See You

Blazer: Rung Boutique; Tee: Target; Jeans: Red Racks; Shoes & Earrings: Forever 21
Dear Old Man Winter, 

I appreciate your hard work this season. Thanks to you, I got to wear really cute sweaters and thick tights. You have done an exemplary job in blanketing the lawns, glazing the streets, and chilling my bones. But your attendance as of late has been spotty and unpredictable. So, I regret to inform you that your tenure here has ended. Spring will be taking your place, effective immediately. Please collect your belongings and exit the city. You may reapply for your position in the fall. 

Hello, Spring. Plaid to see you!

I loved my maternity husband jeans, but I now have an actual pair of boyfriend jeans!

Double Take: Floral Blouse

One floral blouse, two ways to style it. Which look feels most like "you"?
You'll look delectable in blouse with slouchy boyfriend jeans and sexy pink heels!
Sweeten up your office look by wearing the top beneath an A-line jumper (or on top of it, if you want it to look like a skirt!) with classic nude pumps and a fun chain-link purse.

Red, White, and Blues

Last year, I had the most amazing internship. I styled outfits for television marketing spots with St. Louis In Style, so a lot of my time was spent "shopping" in the mall, scouting fresh trends. (Tough life, I know.) During one of my treks, I saw this little mod dress. It wasn't right for any of the TV segments, but now plays a starring role in my wardrobe. I went mad for the faux pockets, plaid, 60s silhouette, and all-American color scheme. And for the crazy price of $4 on clearance? Carmen's the name, deals are my game. What's one of the best deals you ever got from the clearance racks?
Dress: Tommy Girl from Macy's; Shoes: Urban Outfitters; Shades: Claire's; Necklace: Vintage

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Roses are red, violets are blue, I love vintage sweaters. How about you?

I bought this cardigan last summer, even though there was no chance of buttoning it over my baby bump. Now it's my go-to sweater any time an outfit needs a healthy infusion of pink. Using my trusty create-a-skirt trick, I buttoned the sweater over a rose-printed bodycon dress. It's total flower overload, and I love it! I wore this outfit for Valentine's Day and again for a much-needed girls' night out.
Bodycon dress: Material Girl; Bracelet: Forever 21; Sweater: Rung Boutique; Booties: Macy's
The large rose on the back of the sweater is my favorite detail!

Ice Cream, You Scream

I have an insatiable appetite for all things cute. Hello Kitty, stuffed monkeys, miniature shoes, 80s trolls. . . these things instantly bring me to my happy place. I instinctively put painstaking detail into decorations at home and work to ensure that their cute quotient is met. So when I saw a mouth-watering ice cream dress, my internal cute radar screamed, "Sugar crush!" I swiftly bought it for Ruby, even though it will be several months and out of season before she's able to wear it. Sadly, there was no adult version of the delicious dress, but I found more tasty treats to add to my wish list. Fashion + ice cream? I'll take 3 scoops in a waffle cone, please.  
Found at Sprung Boutique. Couldn't you just eat this up?
Ice Cream
River Island button shirtMelissa black glitter pumps / Betsey Johnson beige handbag / Cream jewelry/ sweet and lovely brooch

P.S. - I spied the brooch on local blogger Michelle from Creature Type. See how she styled it here!

And The Pants Raved On

My love affair with thrift stores began a couple of weeks after I started college, long before "poppin' tags" was mainstream fashion practice. Some friends and I walked a few blocks from our dorm to the Promised Land, AKA The Salvation Army. My high school style had been cramped with uniforms, so I was instantly smitten with the vintage duds, cheap prices, zany patterns from different eras, and the now under-rated all-purpose fabric, polyester. I blew my meager budget and spent about $30 on that fateful trip. Now, 15+ years (!), a "Best Dressed" in my dorm award, and countless outfits later, I'm still thrifting. Bouts of temporary insanity and a need to make room in my closet sent most of the college goodies back into the thrift cycle. (I'm clinging to the thin hope that my racer-stripe track jackets are waiting for me in my parents' storage unit.) These pants have traveled with me from St. Louis to Chicago to California and back again. With their oh-so-cool, wide, raver-girl legs, I've never even considered giving them away. The pants got a 2014 update with an on-trend cobalt moto jacket. So, do you remember your first time? (In a thrift store, I mean. Sheesh!) 
Jacket: Charlotte Russe; Tank & Necklace: H&M; Pants: Salvation Army; Oxfords: Urban Outfitters

Double Take: Chic Sweatshirt

One geek-chic sweatshirt, a cute rabbit, two outfits. Which one strikes your fancy?

Blazing Through Winter

This weekend, Mother Nature hosted a citywide game of Slip 'N Slide. From my warm couch, I watched as drivers and walkers teetered precariously on sleet and ice-covered surfaces. Before the storm hit, Brian and I spent the afternoon at a lovely coed baby shower. After I filled my belly with chips and guac from the taco bar, we discreetly slipped out onto the patio so Brian could snap some outfit pics. (Luckily, guests were too busy devouring the insanely large chocolate-covered strawberries to notice my amateur modeling. Seriously, the strawberries were the size of apples.) I'd been saving this maxidress for a special occasion. It's versatile and easily transformed from sweet to sophisticated with my favorite blazer. This dress is definitely going to get more wears as spring approaches - how else would you style it?
Dress & Shoes: Ziezo; Jacket: Goodwill; Necklace: Stella & Dot; Earrings: Rung Boutique

Ziezo wedges, punk shoes, cream skirt
My punk-rock shoes keep the look from being too "I'm going to the office"-ish. Although, I would wear this whole outfit to the office.