And The Pants Raved On

My love affair with thrift stores began a couple of weeks after I started college, long before "poppin' tags" was mainstream fashion practice. Some friends and I walked a few blocks from our dorm to the Promised Land, AKA The Salvation Army. My high school style had been cramped with uniforms, so I was instantly smitten with the vintage duds, cheap prices, zany patterns from different eras, and the now under-rated all-purpose fabric, polyester. I blew my meager budget and spent about $30 on that fateful trip. Now, 15+ years (!), a "Best Dressed" in my dorm award, and countless outfits later, I'm still thrifting. Bouts of temporary insanity and a need to make room in my closet sent most of the college goodies back into the thrift cycle. (I'm clinging to the thin hope that my racer-stripe track jackets are waiting for me in my parents' storage unit.) These pants have traveled with me from St. Louis to Chicago to California and back again. With their oh-so-cool, wide, raver-girl legs, I've never even considered giving them away. The pants got a 2014 update with an on-trend cobalt moto jacket. So, do you remember your first time? (In a thrift store, I mean. Sheesh!) 
Jacket: Charlotte Russe; Tank & Necklace: H&M; Pants: Salvation Army; Oxfords: Urban Outfitters


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