Plaid To See You

Blazer: Rung Boutique; Tee: Target; Jeans: Red Racks; Shoes & Earrings: Forever 21
Dear Old Man Winter, 

I appreciate your hard work this season. Thanks to you, I got to wear really cute sweaters and thick tights. You have done an exemplary job in blanketing the lawns, glazing the streets, and chilling my bones. But your attendance as of late has been spotty and unpredictable. So, I regret to inform you that your tenure here has ended. Spring will be taking your place, effective immediately. Please collect your belongings and exit the city. You may reapply for your position in the fall. 

Hello, Spring. Plaid to see you!

I loved my maternity husband jeans, but I now have an actual pair of boyfriend jeans!


  1. Love this post & the title too cute! That blazer is bright and fun and screams spring!