7 Reasons I'm Psyched for Saint Louis Fashion Week

7.  Even though it's been months (!) since I've actually shopped in a mall, it will always feel like a second home. [I've obviously been shopping, just thrift and resale stores. No way can I go that long without a shiny, new-to-me garment!] On Wednesday April 23, the top stores like Francesca's and Anthropologie will be featuring their designs at the Spring Into Fashion Galleria Runway Show. I know the show will provide lots of outfit inspo. 

6. Rebecca Minkoff is coming to St. Louis on April 24. And, yours truly will be thisclose to her designs! For those of you not familiar with her, she designs luxury apparel, footwear, handbags, and jewelry that I can only dream of owning. Her stuff has been described as playful and subtly edgy. Here's a sampling:

5. I'll be reunited with Project Runway alums Michael Drummond and Viktor Luna. OK, so perhaps a brief "hello" last summer doesn't exactly call for a true reunion, but I'm really looking forward to seeing their new collections. Michael Drummond's dark, avant-garde, futuristic design aesthetic is wickedly artsy. And, although Viktor's last collection was a little sporty for my taste, his time on Project Runway still has me yearning for more.

4. The finale runway will get a welcome dose of adventurous street-style, thanks to local brand Blue Bird Apparel joining the roster this year. The flock of clothes in the online store includes leggings with cats on the knees. Um, yes.

3. I get to go to a real After Party! Since Ruby's arrival, my weekend evenings have consisted of a wild and crazy Nintendo Wii party, with a Redbox movie for "after." But, on April 25, I plan to live it up! I'm especially excited to see what amazing look and tunes local blogger/music maestro DJ TrashTalk presents.

2. Much to his devastation, Brian will be home with Ruby for the events. So, I'll have a chance to hang with fierce, fabulous ladies from the fast-growing St. Louis Fashion Blogger community. I always feel inspired after spending time with other women who don't think it's weird to spend an entire Friday night at home, peering critically into the closet putting together new looks.

1. My outfits, of course. I've been planning my looks for weeks, hoping to create my own "wow factor." Sneak peek: some the looks are among this rack of clothing. I'm working on a DIY project to take things to the next level. . . ;)

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