A Little Birdie Told Me. . .

One of the quickest and most budget-friendly ways to spice up an outfit is to add a statement necklace. My new parrot necklace is quite the conversation-starter, pun intended. It spoke to me at a thrift store: "Carmen wants a necklace! Carmen wants a necklace!" Since it was clearly psychic (and under $5), I had to buy it. With the parrot in tow, my tribal-print dress packs a one-two punch. 

Here's a joke for you (couldn't resist):
What do you get when you cross a parrot with a woodpecker? A bird that talks in Morse code! 
Hee hee! Find more corny jokes like that here.
Dress: H&M; Necklace & Watch: Saver's Thrift Stores; Boots: Rampage; Earrings: Rung Boutique; Shades: Claire's

Come back, little duckies! I have a surprise for you. . .

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  1. You look great! That dress really suits you! And you paired it well with those boots and the necklace. Great job!
    Would you mind checking out my blog?

    1. Thanks, Joyce! The dress is definitely a go-to for fun events. I appreciate your comment, and I would love to check out your blog!

  2. Loving that dress and necklace!! So cute!