Feel Good, Ink

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams go, life is a barren field frozen with snow.

Langston Hughes' words are forever etched into my brain, thanks to my grandmother's insistence that my sister and I memorize "Dreams." At 6 years old, I had more dreams than my little arms could hold! I penned and illustrated my first book as soon as I could hold a crayon. I crafted cute advertising slogans and artwork on our computer, preparing for my glamorous career as the head of my own ad agency, Creative Minds At Work. I drew sketches of fashion-forward gals in my school notebooks. I even dreamed of being "discovered" on the street to become a famous actress in Hollywood. My dreams had just enough air to flit around the sky, but not enough to soar. Over time, I loosened my grasp so I could lift up more practical goals.

I completed a rigorous graduate program and got firmly settled into a field. It was plush and promising at first. Yet, as the years went by, my energy drained. The pretty flowers that kept me in the field wilted. I felt frozen. Sad. Stuck. Then, I remembered the poem. I remembered imaginative, optimistic girl who couldn't wait to get up in the mornings and create something, whether that was a dance routine with my sister or a flip-book of tops and pants to mix-and-match outfits. I gathered my courage, re-enrolled in school, and began to dream again. Fashion has always been with me, soaring, even when other parts of my life were stagnant. Now that I'm pursuing it professionally, my spirit is soaring again. There are days where I have to chop down the ugly weeds that grow when I knock on doors that don't seem to hear me. I get impatient and discouraged when bills send me back to my old field to pluck a few flowers. But, nothing can dampen the joy I feel when styling an outfit, sewing a garment, or writing a creative piece! I will never let of my fashion dreams - or any dreams - ever again. :)

My new ink will see to that!
I went to All Star Tattoo and had a fantastic experience with my artist, Ed. He was friendly, utilized my ideas, and set me at ease, even though I couldn't watch the actual inking. I would definitely go back!
What about you - do you have any dreams you've been too scared to pursue? What keeps you going? Please share!


  1. Love tattoos (I have three and want more), and I love the meaning behind yours. I've had a lot of dreams in life and certainly accomplished a lot of my goals. I'm feeling a little stagnant as of late, but I have some searching to do to figure out the right direction. I think it's awesome that you've taken a new path. Life is a journey, and when we hit dead ends, time to find a new direction! :-)


    1. Thanks, Cassie. I totally agree, and I'm sure you'll find your path soon. I think you know when it's "right." :)

  2. Beautiful thoughts and a beautiful tat!