Something Old, Something Blue

My parents have a storage unit to hold our "we-have-no-place-for-it-but-can't-bear-to-get-rid-of-it" stuff. After going to the Spring Fling in the City vintage event, I was inspired to visit that unit, hoping to find a treasure trove of retro clothes and toys. My dad and I braved the chilly "spring" weather and headed to U-Haul. (My mom stayed behind to watch Ruby, but was secretly happy to have a viable excuse to avoid going with us.) There's something exciting about opening a box and having no idea what will be in it. Visions of my stylish-even-then 80s clothes and interesting antique items danced through my head.

As I opened the first box, I found. . .my sister's college text books? Um, no. Next box: my high school uniform? Um, definitely no. We sifted through musty furniture, linens that should have been donated years ago, and more glassware than I ever knew we owned. I was tickled to unearth the dolls I'd saved years ago for my future child. (A few cans of Febreeze and they'll be ready to party with Ruby!) Finally, I found it: a container marked "NOSTALGIA." Inside was my grandmother's chiffon party dress, my denim jacket adorned with a Minnie Mouse patch, and crazily patterned dance leotards. My dad smiled at discovering his carefully-constructed collection of model cars. Buried deep in the bin was a piece I didn't expect to find: a lone blouse that I think belonged to my great-grandmother. The puffed sleeves, pale blue color, and delicate print are so gorgeous that I couldn't wait to style it. She's up in Heaven, probably watching Unsolved Mysteries reruns, so I'm sure she wouldn't mind my borrowing it. :)

Have you ever found an unexpected item that belonged to a late family member? Doesn't it feel amazing?

Dress: Target (from Goodwill); Earrings: Rung Boutique; Boots: Steve Madden; Clutch: Vintage; Blouse & Necklace: Family heirlooms


  1. You have such a great smile. It really is a stunner, and I'm glad to see it in all of your posts!

    1. You are too sweet! I giggled at your post about bloggers not smiling because I don't understand it either; I feel silly when I try to look "intense" in pics. It's easier to just be me, and I'm a smiler. LOL