Butterfly Kisses

I have a condition. It's called B.O.P. (Boring Outfit Phobia). Everyone's got something, right? I think I was born with it, and over the years I've come up with strategies to manage it. Constantly recycling and refilling my closets with thrifted items helps. Still, I have episodes during which I spend a ridiculous amount of time obsessing over one piece of clothing that I just can't incorporate into an exciting outfit. I get nervous, start worrying that I made a mistake in buying it, and get frustrated with myself because I can't figure it out. Then, I start beating myself up because I wonder why I care so much. I mean, it's just a t-shirt. Except that for me and others who have B.O.P., it's not. It is a MONUMENTAL problem that must be solved immediately, otherwise an entire reputation as a "fashionista" is ruined. It's totally irrational, but that's the hallmark of a phobia. Please, tell me I'm not the only B.O.P. sufferer out there!

Most episodes awaken my creative juices and end with a sigh of relief, a smile, and a fabulous new outfit planned. If the look still eludes me, it's usually because I'm over-thinking things. I didn't want to make that mistake with my new butterfly tank, so I decided to go with the obvious: pair it with my beloved vintage butterfly purse. Boring? No. Corny? Maybe. But oh-so-sweet? Yes. :)
Top: Rung; Clutch: Retro 101; Jeans: Gordman's; Shoes: Forever 21; Hoops: Claire's


  1. So much fun!! Love how you paired it with your butterfly purse! I'm with you though, I've suffered from B.O.P. as well!! :)


    1. Thanks, Brittany! Yes, your fab style is a classic BOP symptom. :)