Paint It, Black (and White)

One of the coolest color combinations is comprised of hues that, according to some theorists, aren't even colors: black and white. For artists, white is considered the "absence" of all color while black is the "presence" of all colors. If colors are thought to be generated by light, then white is the presence of all colors, while black is the absence of all colors. Hmmm. Art history lesson notwithstanding, the opposing ends of the color spectrum look fabulous together. In honor of my achromatic outfit, my husband and I ventured downtown to the "Graffiti Wall" (he calls it a flood wall, which technically, it is). If you've never seen it, it's worth a drive. The kilometers-long concrete canvas is full of colorful spray-painted creations with some unfortunate defacing. The result is a beautiful disaster - the perfect backdrop for an afternoon photo shoot.
My 80s romper was an insanely lucky $1 find from Glam Attic

In the top right, someone actually painted, "Will you marry me?" I hope the person said yes to such an original proposal!
My vintage "pixie boots" from the Spring Fling in the City. Shades and clutch were gifts. (No, that's not my can of paint. I'm artsy, but only to a point. LOL)


  1. One you look amazing! Two I need to find this wall. Three that romper was $1??!! Loved this post!!! :D


    1. Thanks, Brittany! The wall is downtown by the riverfront - very cool to drive by. And yes, the romper was an amazing $1 clearance find. :)