That's A Wrap

I work as a Stock Associate at Rung, which means that I have the fun tasks of organizing, preparing, and processing merchandise when it comes in. (I'm not being sarcastic-I really do think it's fun!) Each day, I sift through donated clothes and accessories, never knowing what hidden gems lie inside. Among a team of strong, smart, and fiercely stylish women, however, there are differences of opinion about what constitutes "fashionable." Case in point: one of my colleagues gave a vintage wrap maxiskirt a dubious look, quietly pondering what lost soul would want to buy it. After all, it has a huge basket of flowers on it. Hello-it has a huge basket of flowers on it. Clearly, that skirt was meant for me. My proclivity towards all things vintage and offbeat has become something of a barometer for "questionable" items. When an item comes in that is seemingly beyond the realm of fashion, the other members of the merchandise team ask, "Would Carmen wear it?" before deeming it un-sellable. (I mean, a neon 80s shoulder-padded dress? There's a market for it. A small market, perhaps. . .) What do you think - is this skirt something you would wear, or would you see it and quickly say, that's a wrap?
Skirt: Neiman Marcus from Rung; Top: Pitaya; Clutch: Gift; Shoes: Kensie Girl; Neckace: Claire's; Shades: c/o Skinnygirl Cocktails

Just a note of caution: when wearing wrap skirts, adding precautionary biking shorts underneath is a good idea. The wind isn't very wrap-skirt friendly. 
How can anyone not love that flower basket? To me, the skirt is fabulous personified. :)
P.S. Rung Boutique is always accepting gently-used women's clothing. You get 20% off your next visit just for donating! Learn more about the charities Rung supports here.


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