Sporty Spice

Top: Rung; Jeans: Gordman's; Earrings: Material Girl from Macy's; Shoes: Ziezo
My style has been described with many adjectives (vintage, quirky, and girlie to name a few), but "sporty" has never been one of them. I own exactly one pair of tennis shoes, forced onto my shoe rack by my insistent husband. I will begrudgingly admit that these sneakers have come in very handy for days where I want to be uber-casual, but they generally don't get much wear time. Let's face it: I'm much more of a Scary-Ginger-Baby hybrid with a dash of Posh than a Sporty Spice. But, when I saw this vintage tennis dress (or top for the less scandalously-inclined), I thought, game on.

Girl power!

She Who Leaves A Trail of Glitter. . .

No matter where I go or what I do in this jacket, a trail of glitter follows me. And my husband. And Ruby. That's what made it the perfect choice for an evening downtown at the Handmade Happy Hour: Summer in the City last weekend. (Cobblestone looks even better with a sprinkling of glitter on it, right?)
Jacket: Thrifted; Tank & Shorts: Rung; Shoes: Urban Outfitters; Necklace: Burlington; Purse: Baker's
I arrived at this free mini-music festival/outdoor shopping extravaganza to find a lively crowd ooh-ing over the handmade goodies from 50 local vendors. There were vintage duds, adorable baby clothes, eclectic jewelry, and other zany knicknacks on display and ready for purchase. I bought 2 pairs of retro earrings. I admit, that level of shopping restraint was a smidge difficult with complimentary cocktails from Pinnacle Vodka and Urban Chestnut Brewing Company. Luckily, some tasty slices of Empire Pizza helped balance things out. :)
Photo by Chris Gibbon/ALIVE Scene Team

Photo by Chris Gibbon/ALIVE Scene Team
The highlight of the night was taking pics in the vintage VW photobus (yes, I said bus), courtesy of Photobus STL. The DIY setup allowed us to strike the perfect poses before the photos were snapped! I'm featured with fashionista Ashley and local blogger babe Brittany of Love.Style.Transform.
Glamour and glitter, fashion and fame! (Well, 3 out of 4 ain't bad.)

Candy Crush

My days of playing Candy Crush Saga came to an unfortunate halt after too many weeks stuck on level 420, but I've still got a sugar crush on bold, colorful hues - especially when it comes to fashion. Wearing vibrant colors from the aisles of a Candy Shoppe is a quick way to satisfy any sweet tooth. However, like all acquired tastes, flavors such as tangerine or lemon yellow are not for the squeamish. Some candy-inspired looks may be too sugary for blander palates. One alternative is save sweets for dessert with an accessory. But, why not treat yourself with candy as a main course? Delicious! 
Blouse: Rung; Fringe Bag: Goodwill; Leggings: Burlington Coat Factory; Shoes: Madden Girl; Hat: family heirloom
These are one of the few pairs of earrings I managed to save from high school.
To keep things from being too sweet (as if that's possible) I paired my colorful getup with black accents. Last summer, I opted to go full-on toothache with the leggings.
This sequin beret was my grandmother's. Works for adding extra oomph to an outfit, or camouflaging a questionable hair day. 
P.S.-If you have any hints on how to beat that level in Candy Crush, please share! Not that I want to start playing that adorable but time-sucking game again. . .

Welcome to the Jungle

When preparing to navigate the concrete wilds of St. Louis, one needs to gather the appropriate supplies: cell phone, lipstick, wallet, and MP3 player with freshly downloaded 90s alt-rock tunes. What better way to holster the essentials than in nature's smartest carrying case: the fanny pack. True, unless you're on a bike, wearing a fanny pack actually over your fanny violates the laws of cuteness (and utility). But with a modern shape and golden hue, a belted bag allows for hands-free errand-running or happy hour imbibing. With my jungle-boogie tee and knotted skirt, I'm ready for whatever comes my way!

Top & Fanny pack: Rung; Skirt (maxidress): H&M; Shoes: Kensie Girl
I got the idea to knot this dress/skirt from a fellow blogger babe, Brittany of Love.Style.Transform.
It gives the skirt much-needed shape.

Meet Jewelry Designer, Yoro Creations

Photo c/o Yoro Creations
At the Alive Magazine Hot List Party, I met a woman wearing a particularly fierce piece of jewelry. I asked where she got it, expecting it to be from a high-end boutique or even an astonishing thrift find. Instead, she proudly shared that she designed the necklace herself. The woman's name is Yolanda Newson, and her clever, creative design aesthetic made me want to find out more about her and her jewelry.

Drawing inspiration from fashion, culture, nature, and nontraditional items like dinner napkin rings, Yolanda has been designing jewelry for over 10 years. In 2012, she launched Yoro Creations. Yolanda's award-winning work has been featured in several St. Louis publications and television stations. Yoro Creations has even made its mark on a national scale: at the 5th Annual RAWards in 2013, she received the prestigious title of Accessories Designer of The Year. (Over 15,000 indie artists nationwide submitted their work-how cool is that?!)

Although this immensely talented designer's business is taking off, she remains humble and thankful to the support she receives from family and friends. She also admits that finding "unique materials" that other designers are not already using is challenging and requires lots of research. As for up-and-coming artists hoping to build their brands, Yolanda recommends finding a balance between the "business" and the "creative" sides. "You have to know how to take care of your business. We as creative people don't always like that part, but it's crucial to your success," she advises. "Study your craft, find your niche, and choose a good name for your business that will stand the test of time." (Yoro Creations is a cute hybrid of her first name and her daughter's middle name, Rose.) Yolanda also recommends not quitting a "day job" immediately. Success rarely happens overnight, "unless you meet a superstar and they want your items right then and there," she smiles. Most importantly, Yolanda believes an artist should "believe in yourself even if no one else does." Words to live by. :)
These standout necklaces would glam up any outfit!
It's tough, because the wooden necklace is a conversation-starter and I heart sparkles, but I think the Lucite necklace (AKA the "dinner napkin ring necklace")  is my fave!
The RAWards celebrate "natural born artists." Learn more right here! The body chain pictured is one of Yolanda's favorite pieces that she's designed.
Want to connect with Yolanda? Check out her collection on Be sure to follow her on Instagram as yoro_jewels!

Baby Spice

Things I love about the 1990s: the movie Clueless, Ace of Base, Nirvana, 90210 & Melrose Place, My So-Called Life (not just because of Jordan Catalano), plaid, Doc Martens, and babydoll dresses. Actually, this list could go on much longer, but in the interest of time, let's focus on the babydoll dress. Donned by cuties and grunge gals alike, babydoll dresses are characterized by an empire waist, short hemline, and relaxed fit. I love their easy-breezy ability to go from sweet to tough in the span of a combat boot. I deeply regret donating mine from back in the day, but was lucky enough to find a modern version at Rung. (I also bought an updated fanny pack that will make an appearance in another post. I assure you that it's cool.) Now, if I can just find a baby backpack. . .

What fashion trend do you miss most from the 90s?

Dress: Chelsea & Violet (Rung); Purse: Mexico; Bike Shorts: H&M; Shoes: Bakers; Shades: Leopard

My inspo: Baby Spice, Courtney Love, Jennie Garth

Oh, Snap!

Guess what I saw? No, nothing that brought my heart too far down South, but a definite downer. Or, downpour, actually, as I gathered my camera and prepared for an "on location" outfit photo shoot. The threat of rain + my hair = a hot mess. So, the photo shoot location was moved to a more convenient spot: my porch. You'll see that the sky still appears sunny, despite the steadily-falling ominous drizzle. That's a St. Louis summer for you! Anyway, this creatively-constructed lime green skirt was too cute not to document. What do you think?
Skirt: Thrifted; Top: Marshall's; Shoes: Macy's; Vest: Femme
This cat tee was purring all over my baby bump last summer. Very excited to wear it again!
Oh, Porch Swing, you, you got what I need.

A Tribe Called Dress

For the last couple of years, designers have stamped our passports with tribal patterns on tops, pants, and dresses. The vibrant colors, discordant textures, and intricate prints draw inspiration from African, South American, Asian, and Native American motifs. (The most brilliant looks are inextricable cultural fusions from the Land of Amazing.) You can go on a short trek with a tribal print scarf, tote, or beaded jewelry. My plan? Take an award tour around the globe in a tribal print dress. Or at the very least, pack my bags in case of a lottery win. ;)
Look 1: Emilio Pucci; Looks 2-4: Anna Sui; Look 5: Mara Hoffman
I rocked this dress at the ALIVE Magazine Hot List Party. Dress: Francesca's Collections; Necklace: Stella & Dot; Wedges: Mia; Purse: Steve Madden
Some of my fave tribal looks from previous posts: 1. H&M 2. Rung 3. Urban Outfitters