Candy Crush

My days of playing Candy Crush Saga came to an unfortunate halt after too many weeks stuck on level 420, but I've still got a sugar crush on bold, colorful hues - especially when it comes to fashion. Wearing vibrant colors from the aisles of a Candy Shoppe is a quick way to satisfy any sweet tooth. However, like all acquired tastes, flavors such as tangerine or lemon yellow are not for the squeamish. Some candy-inspired looks may be too sugary for blander palates. One alternative is save sweets for dessert with an accessory. But, why not treat yourself with candy as a main course? Delicious! 
Blouse: Rung; Fringe Bag: Goodwill; Leggings: Burlington Coat Factory; Shoes: Madden Girl; Hat: family heirloom
These are one of the few pairs of earrings I managed to save from high school.
To keep things from being too sweet (as if that's possible) I paired my colorful getup with black accents. Last summer, I opted to go full-on toothache with the leggings.
This sequin beret was my grandmother's. Works for adding extra oomph to an outfit, or camouflaging a questionable hair day. 
P.S.-If you have any hints on how to beat that level in Candy Crush, please share! Not that I want to start playing that adorable but time-sucking game again. . .


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