Meet Jewelry Designer, Yoro Creations

Photo c/o Yoro Creations
At the Alive Magazine Hot List Party, I met a woman wearing a particularly fierce piece of jewelry. I asked where she got it, expecting it to be from a high-end boutique or even an astonishing thrift find. Instead, she proudly shared that she designed the necklace herself. The woman's name is Yolanda Newson, and her clever, creative design aesthetic made me want to find out more about her and her jewelry.

Drawing inspiration from fashion, culture, nature, and nontraditional items like dinner napkin rings, Yolanda has been designing jewelry for over 10 years. In 2012, she launched Yoro Creations. Yolanda's award-winning work has been featured in several St. Louis publications and television stations. Yoro Creations has even made its mark on a national scale: at the 5th Annual RAWards in 2013, she received the prestigious title of Accessories Designer of The Year. (Over 15,000 indie artists nationwide submitted their work-how cool is that?!)

Although this immensely talented designer's business is taking off, she remains humble and thankful to the support she receives from family and friends. She also admits that finding "unique materials" that other designers are not already using is challenging and requires lots of research. As for up-and-coming artists hoping to build their brands, Yolanda recommends finding a balance between the "business" and the "creative" sides. "You have to know how to take care of your business. We as creative people don't always like that part, but it's crucial to your success," she advises. "Study your craft, find your niche, and choose a good name for your business that will stand the test of time." (Yoro Creations is a cute hybrid of her first name and her daughter's middle name, Rose.) Yolanda also recommends not quitting a "day job" immediately. Success rarely happens overnight, "unless you meet a superstar and they want your items right then and there," she smiles. Most importantly, Yolanda believes an artist should "believe in yourself even if no one else does." Words to live by. :)
These standout necklaces would glam up any outfit!
It's tough, because the wooden necklace is a conversation-starter and I heart sparkles, but I think the Lucite necklace (AKA the "dinner napkin ring necklace")  is my fave!
The RAWards celebrate "natural born artists." Learn more right here! The body chain pictured is one of Yolanda's favorite pieces that she's designed.
Want to connect with Yolanda? Check out her collection on Be sure to follow her on Instagram as yoro_jewels!


  1. Awesome jewelry! Thanks for sharing. That body chain is everything! :-)


    1. Thanks, Cassie. I agree about the body chain! :)