Oh, Snap!

Guess what I saw? No, nothing that brought my heart too far down South, but a definite downer. Or, downpour, actually, as I gathered my camera and prepared for an "on location" outfit photo shoot. The threat of rain + my hair = a hot mess. So, the photo shoot location was moved to a more convenient spot: my porch. You'll see that the sky still appears sunny, despite the steadily-falling ominous drizzle. That's a St. Louis summer for you! Anyway, this creatively-constructed lime green skirt was too cute not to document. What do you think?
Skirt: Thrifted; Top: Marshall's; Shoes: Macy's; Vest: Femme
This cat tee was purring all over my baby bump last summer. Very excited to wear it again!
Oh, Porch Swing, you, you got what I need.


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