Fashion Criminal Minds

Kristen Vangsness AKA Penelope Garcia, loves cardigans and dresses.
"So, it appears we're looking for an UnSub who is a woman, mid-thirties to early forties, single, with no kids," Agent Hotchner addresses the team.

"20 victims in 2 days - she's definitely escalating," Agent Rossi says with a concerned look on his face.

"The last woman was so shaken after the UnSub confronted her, she went home and burned all her clothes. Another woman felt so humiliated that she started undressing in public. Fortunately, her husband stopped her." JJ says, shaking her head. 

"We're probably looking for a woman who's had some sort of fashion trauma in her past - perhaps she wore the wrong outfit to an important event and was ridiculed," Agent Reid pipes up. 

"So now, she thinks she's 'saving' others from that same fate," Agent Morgan adds.

"But the people she's targeting are actually more fashionable than her, which makes her angry and more likely to lash out," Reid continues.

"But writing up fashion citations and buying a fake badge? That's pretty extreme." Prentiss says. "We need to figure out what made her snap." 

Morgan gets Garcia on speaker phone."Baby Girl, we need you to check on something." 

"Hey, Sugar. I was just sweetening up for you," Garcia says with a wink.  

Hotch, ignoring the witty banter, advises, "Garcia, check the records of all recent fashion events in the area. Focus on the ones that were sold out or had a specified dress code. Cross-check that with female guests who are on the lists of multiple events in the same evening." 

"OK," Garcia agrees. "That list is still fairly long. . .the fashion scene in St. Louis is really starting to explode and I've got lots of people who went to multiple events." 

"Eliminate anyone who actually works in the fashion industry - no editors, bloggers, boutique owners, etc," Morgan suggests. "This UnSub is likely someone who was unsuccessful in finding a job in fashion."

"Cross-checking. . .that knocks a lot of people out," Garcia says while typing furiously. "We've got 3 people who fit the profile. One, Classic Carla is probably not our UnSub because she is over 50 and worked as a teacher her whole life. The next one. . .Gothic Gloria works as a tattoo artist and has a scary-but-cool style that doesn't fit the profile either. Bingo! The last one, Bland Barbara is 42, works as a customer service rep, was kicked out of fashion school for her refusal to design using anything other than khaki. Ew. Texting you her address now."

"OK, that's her." Hotch barks, "JJ, Rossi, and Prentiss, you go pick her up. Morgan, you stay and interview the one victim that managed to outsmart her, Carmen. Reid, you stay on the line with Garcia and learn everything you can about this woman. Let's go!"

To be continued. . .

So, I've clearly been watching too many marathons of "Criminal Minds." The upside to this is that I've gotten lots of inspiration from the BAU's resident fashionista, Penelope Garcia.
Her eyewear is my favorite! I wish I had a pair of spectacles to match every outfit. But, judging from the thinness of the lenses, I suspect her eyes aren't nearly as bad as mine. ;)
A Garcia-inspired outfit:

Printed cardigan + A-Line dress + feathery headband = A fab work uniform!


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