I'm With The Band

In an effort to display my love for music (and Hello Kitty), I used to frequent Hot Topic. I'd peruse the girl section for an edgy rock tee, find a tepid selection, and look longingly at the significantly-larger and louder selection of "guy" tees. I could never understand it. Alice In Chains does not only have male fans. System of a Down does not only have male fans. Metallica certainly does not only have male fans. Why should female rock fans have to buy an ill-fitting tee and hope for the best? Some bands (it's a good thing I like Fall Out Boy) did have some decent tops for the ladies. But sometimes those tee are too girly:

Left: Guy tee. Right: Women's version. I so prefer the guy one!
Left: Guy's. Right: Girl's. Logos are the same, but I'm not sure I like the lilac. . .

Right: Guy's tee. Left: Girl version. I rest my case.
Nirvana and Rancid got it right. Both are in the "girl" tee section!
My initial idea was to just start my own company. I'd get the baddest-ass logos from hard rock bands and put them on cropped or slim-fit tees - the perfect juxtaposition of hard and soft. Unfortunately, my company never took off (well, it actually never got started), so I continue to be on the hunt for that perfect rock tee. I found a cool G&R one that is now part of my visual mix-tape:
Top: Rung; Pants & Clutch: Thrifted: Shoes: Urban Outfitters; Belt: (where else?) Hot Topic
Perhaps I'll get my company off the ground one day. I could call it. . .Rock Tees By Carmen? OK, so that name needs a ton of work. . .What bands would you want to wear on a tee?


  1. Edgy looks like this suit you so well, Carmen! I love those jeans. :)

    1. Thanks, Michelle! The jeans are my new faves!