Neon & Roses

Things in St. Louis have been rough for the last couple of weeks following the tragic death of unarmed teen, Michael Brown in a suburb named Ferguson, MO. Perhaps Mother Nature is sad too, as the weather has been appropriately gloomy. It's tempting to wear something drab when I'm feeling down. (OK, so I don't really own anything drab, but for me, sweats, mismatch socks, and a ratty tee feel pretty darn drab.) As a teen, I read a book about a girl who said the worse she felt inside, the more outrageous and bright she dressed on the outside. I have no clue what the name of the book was, but I always admired that philosophy. There's a lot of research on how colors impact mood. If dressing brightly can somehow trick your brain into thinking things are great, neon is the perfect antithesis to darkness. What about you - how do you tend to dress on tough days? Drab or fab?
Top: Rung; Pants: Material Girl; Shoes; Urban Outfitters; Jacket: H&M; Necklace: Burlington
Florals always cheer me up!


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