Too Cool for School

3 scholastic-inspired fashions that are far too cool for school:

1. Pencil skirts: This fall, write your own style essay in a curve-hugging, streamlined, versatile pencil skirt. Wanna ditch with the edgy crowd? Pair it with a graphic tee and ankle booties, or try a pencil skirt in denim or leather. Hoping to impress that cute babe from history class? Wear a high-waisted skirt with a cropped top and strappy heels. Planning to join student government? Tuck in a flowy blouse and add round-toed pumps.
Edgy Schoolgirl

School #2School #3

2. Polo shirts: A classic polo shirt may conjure images of style-cramping school uniforms, but with a little ingenuity (and a progressive dress code), a polo graduates from "passing" to "excellent." The trick is to pair the polo with unexpected accents. Ultra-feminine skirt and shoes offset the sportiness. Or, look for a patterned polo shirt and pair with distressed denim.
Polo2Pretty in Polo
3. A-Line skirts: With its universally flattering silhouette of being wider at the hem than at the waist, an A-line skirt earns you an easy A on most fashion tests. But, you will need to study your top: blouses look smart tucked into the skirt, while a short, untucked top is anything but old-school. Your shoes will dictate how casual or dressy your outfit looks, and most A-line skirts look classiest right around the knee.
A-line 2A-line skirt


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