Gravel Pit

I'll admit that I got to a point where I was done with the high-low hemline. When they first exploded on the scene a few years ago, I was excited about the asymmetry of "mullet skirts." I DIY'ed a thrifted skirt to get the party started for my sophisticated-but-so-not-me business attire. (The party ended up being a bit too rocking for the stuffy hospital where I worked, so that skirt was reluctantly re-thrifted.) But, I was still a fan of the hi-low until the market became saturated with it. Finding a "regular" skirt or dress was a near-impossible feat. Like most trends, what seemed so fashion-forward at first became. . . common.

[Insert indefinite hiatus on wearing or buying high-low anything]

Then, I saw it. A gravelly-printed tank dress dubbed "The Darkness Dress" by its brand, Religion. The juxtaposition of the tough print with the feminine, flowy length, the ability to show some skin without feeling too bare. . .Now I remember why I (and apparently, everyone else) liked the high-low hem so much! And since I am now happily employed at a resale boutique, this hemline is tailor-made for work. :)
The back of this dress is looong, so my chunky wedges come in very handy.
Dress: Rung; Purse: Thrifted; Shoes: Steve Madden
What do you think of the statues? That one's expression is slightly maniacal.

All photos, taken outside Union Station, are courtesy of Erin of Turn Her Around.


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