Meet Rocio, Fine Art Photographer

"Fashion is art and you are the canvas." - Velvet Paper

That quote describes my style philosophy, so it is always exciting to come across local artists who express themselves in other mediums. Meet Rocio, a free-spirited, driven photographer who hopes to not only make a living with her art, but to inspire and help others.
Rocio's self-portrait. Love the eye makeup!
Although Rocio Mirelis originally planned on a career in Professional Counseling, her immense creative talent led her in a different direction. A painter since the age of 8, Rocio decided to take online courses and read instructional books to teach herself the art of photography. After researching various styles like boudoir photography, Rocio was most inspired by Brooke Shaden's whimsical fine art photography. Fine art photography uses tools like Photoshop to enhance a natural environment and create "dream worlds" that look as if they come out of a storybook. 
"Seeing the Light"
Yes, this is actually from a photograph!
What began as Rocio's Facebook fan page for Brooke Shaden's work evolved into the Fine Art Portrait Photography Guild (FAPPG) with over 2200 international photographers! Members of the FAPPG admire and critique each other’s work, host monthly challenges and prizes, and display exhibitions all over the country. As founder of the FAPPG, Rocio not only loves the independence of being her own boss, she is proud of her ability to create art based on her vision. She admits, though, that her career path has its challenges. Rocio sacrificed financial security and time with her family. She is still learning the "business" side of being an entrepreneur: marketing, paperwork, and forming the "right" connections to find collectors interested in purchasing her work. Rocio's professional dream is to turn the FAPPG into a non-profit organization, open a gallery, and exhibit her work around the world. 

For emerging artists, Rocio's advice is to "focus on creating the best and most original work that you can, market your work, network, go to every event that you can, exhibit as much as you can. Have patience. Find a support system-not just your family, but other artists that understand what you do and why. Most importantly, love what you do."

Rocio describes her personal artistic style as "magical, fantastical, and full of light and wonder." She prefers to use "happy colors" to create "epic pieces" based on her daydreams, feelings, spirituality, and visually amazing films.  
"Sleeping Awake"
This is Rocio's favorite piece. Inspired by Indian culture, colors and magic, it is aptly called "Indian Princess." She (and onlookers) are drawn to its dynamic movement, sense of freedom and beauty, and ability to tell a story.
"Indian Princess"
Want to see more of Rocio's beautiful work up-close? Her newest exhibition "33September" is on display through 9/30/14 at the Old Orchard Gallery in Webster Groves, MO. Visit her web page for more info or connect with her on Facebook! 


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