NYFW Day 1

Yep, that's me on my first day at New York Fashion Week, ready for a whirlwind weekend of fashion shows, shopping, eating, and rocking my best looks! I arrived on Friday afternoon with fellow blogger Brittany of Love.Style.Transform and local stylist Latoya of Latoya Elnora. After we hurriedly checked into the Gem Hotel in Midtown, I attempted to pull off a 60-second outfit change, hail a cab, and jetset downtown to catch my first show. It proved to be an impossible feat (perhaps the one time in history that there were no cabs around), so after sending a disappointed cancellation email to the show's PR person, I went back up to the room to regroup. 

The perfect antidote: people style-watching at Lincoln Center. Latoya and I saw denim, leather, lace, and everything in-between. Here are a few hot looks:
That's Latoya on the left-love the flower headband! That denim skirt was HUGE, and hugely cute. The other two gals look quite chic.
My OOTD: All from Rung!
Next, we linked back up with Brittany and one of Latoya's NYC friends for some delicious Thai food at a swanky-but-affordable spot in Times Square called Qi. For all NYC Newbies, Times Square is peppered with individuals moonlighting as Hello Kitty, deranged-looking babies, Superman, and naked cowgirls. The gold-statue perched on a sidewalk ledge? Um, that's a real person. And if you're up for double-dutch in the middle of the night, you can relive your playground days - for a nominal tip, of course. 
Brittany, Latoya, and me with friend Mario peaking out at the H&M.
After a quick trip to the multi-level H&M, featuring the hip-hop classic "No Flex Zone," we went back to the hotel. Visions of a fashion-filled Saturday danced through my head as I quickly fell asleep. . .

This quote says it all.

To be continued. . .


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