NYFW Day 4

On the final day of my trip, I had one goal: shop at quite possibly the awesomest fabric store on the planet, Mood. Made famous by the Project Runway designers' frantic, frazzled treks before each challenge, the web site boasts that 1200 people come through the store each day. Now that I've been to Mood, I have a new appreciation for the designers able to find the "perfect" fabric and embellishments in under 30 minutes (and extra empathy for the designers who wind up with unfortunate fabric choices). There are multiple levels, and sooooo many beautiful fabrics! I planned to buy fabric at Mood and make myself a special dress, but there was simply not enough time. Instead, I bought a white and pink "Thank You, Mood" tee and some playful trims for an upcoming sewing project.
We got there right as it opened, so there were no Tim Gunn, Swatch, or up-and-coming designer sightings.
We saw fabrics used by designers like Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui for affordable prices. Decisions, decisions. . .

Although the trip seemed to whiz by, I got time for reflection (and Sudoku) on the plane. Here's my advice for bloggers planning to attend NYFW:
  • Pack lots of snacks! With a crazy schedule, eating full, wholesome meals won't happen. Save the peanuts and pretzels from your plane ride.
  • Most people will tell you "bring comfortable shoes," but for us fashionistas, comfort is relative. My advice: make sure your shoes have at least a 50-50 ratio of cuteness to comfort. Avoid any type of stiletto heel, unless you're willing to pack lots of band-aids and OTC pain meds.
  • Get creative when trekking around the city. Use the Subway, cab, cell-phone apps like Uber and Lyft (who typically offer a free ride when you sign up), and the cheapest option: your own 2 feet.
  • Carry your phone charger everywhere. My phone's battery developed a serious case of anemia and needed frequent boosts of energy throughout the day.
  • Go during the week, if at all possible. I had a blast, but there are tons more events during the week than on the weekend.
  • Bring the best camera you can afford. I felt very official wearing my camera around my neck! 
  • Focus on quality over quantity. It's easy to get disappointed and jealous when you get denied access to see designers. Remember that even seeing one fashion show is a marvelous experience that scores of other people will only dream about.

Do you have any other tips on how to survive your first NYFW? Please share in the comments!

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