Ain't Nothing But A Hound-Cat

In life, I'm probably more of a "cat" person. Cats are independent, enjoy attention but are happy to do their own thing, sensitive, calm, and always land on their feet. In fashion, however, I am more of a "dog" person - I like looks that are lively, energetic, playful, and don't always follow the rules.

So what do you get when you put those two personalities together? A match made in style heaven:
Top: Marshall's; Pearls & Purse: Vintage; Belt: Thrifted; Skirt & Booties: Gifted
This cat tee is my go-to top when I want to toughen up a girly look. The pearls are my go-to accessory for infusing vintage charm to any look, but I especially love wearing them with rocker-style tees!
What's your fashion-animal personality?

PS-All photos courtesy of Erin from Turn Around To Me.


  1. I really love this whole outfit! Where did you take these at? Nice location.

    1. Thanks, Crystal! The photos were taken at Union Station. It is a great spot for pics!