#STLFW VIP Blogger Lounge

Sitting in front of the computer, composing a creative, fashion-forward blog post makes me smile. But it's usually a solitary activity, unless you count my supportive husband sitting beside me while I type, taking advantage of my engrossment to sneak in a snooze-inducing poker tournament marathon. Or, if you count Ruby scampering around the newly "childproofed" living room as I look up every few minutes seconds to make sure she hasn't gotten involved in a precarious situation.

[Insert pause while I take the dirty car keys out of her mouth, console her predictable cries of protest, and hand her a boring-but-safe stuffed animal. Wait, is she taking everything out of my thought-it-was-zipped purse again? Time to wake up Brian and get him on Ruby-duty.] 

This routine, while strangely fun (cuteness makes up for a lot, and Ruby has an abundance of it), makes me even more excited for opportunities to link up with other bloggers. I had an absolute blast at the Well Dressed Midwest VIP Blogger Lounge! Held at Scape American Bistro and hosted by Lindsay Pattan of Alive Magazine and Jimmy No-Show of Vital VOICE, over 75 local bloggers networked with local brands:

I can't say enough positive things about the crew at SK! Not only do they make awesome t-shirts, they're dedicated to giving back to the community with the "T-Shirts Speak" campaign. With 3 special designs to choose from, $5 of each shirt sold is donated and split between three organizations: Ferguson Youth InitiativeNew Heights, and When the Saints.  Brian was very happy with his new tee:
Elevate your mind, elevate your city. Word.

I was amped to meet all the brands, but was especially excited about the Glik's Flash Tattoo station. Spotted on the Queen Bey herself, these jewelry-inspired, metallic temporary tattoos last up to 4-6 days. The word "cool" just doesn't do justice to this ingenious concept. Check out my new "ink":   
I love the golden wings!
Photo c/o fameflynet.uk.com
Vogue Footwear
A brand that tiptoes on the cutting-edge of shoe styles is Vogue Footwear. They recently launched an adorable tween line called Miss Vogue and a hearty men's line, Crevo Footwear. Just for you lovely readers, use the code RZ15 for 15% off your purchase!
Photo c/o Alive Magazine
Some of my faves: J'Adore and Shadowy Spy
Bronx Diba Shoes
Another brand that struts at the height of fashion is Bronx Diba Shoe Outlet. Actually, they also sell accessories like totally on-trend hats and scarves. Don't worry gents, they've got you covered at Testosterone Shoes. Another bonus (because you rock, of course): use coupon code STLFW for $25 off your purchase
Photo c/o Alive Magazine
My picks: Lucky Girl, Car Lita, Day Cruizer, Cloche Hat
Although I can spend hours working on outfits, when it comes to nails, I am lazy. I rush through my manicures and have the uncanny ability to be chip-blind as the polish wears off. Meero Mani Nails is ideal for my nail lifestyle. Each press-on nail is adhered with strong adhesive that lasts up to 7 days and can even be re-used if handled with care! It was fun actually having long nails, at least for one night.
Amalthea Moonchild set, available here
Lookie Lou
So, I'm definitely an omnivore. (Not sure I could live without pepperoni pizza.) However, I have huge respect for vegans, especially when it's with regards to shoes. Cute shoes. Really cute shoes. (The VIP Blogger Lounge was a shoe-lover's dream!) How the pieces from Lookie Lou are made without leather, silk, or wool is beyond me, but it feels great to wear something that's socially and environmentally conscious. And, use the code STLOUIS14 for 15% off!
I snapped a pic wearing these gorgeous booties called Spartali in Red. Wouldn't mind taking those home!

Here are some more of my faves: Carrington in BronzeSpartali In Red; Incense in BurgundyRyo in Silver
Sara's Social Booth
What do you get when you mix a babealicious group of bloggers, open bar of Redd's Apple Ale, Pinnacle Vodka, Skinnygirl Prosecco, and Peroni Italian Lager, and wacky props like mega lollipops and tiaras? Zany photos, of course! Photobooths have been a craze for awhile, but Sara's Social Booth stands out with its kooky-but-not-too-goofy props and sparkling background. Check us out:
Fun times!
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  1. Thank you for rocking our nails and sharing them with your readers. It was a pleasure to meet you. I'm still swooning over your Yoro Creations tassle earring!

    1. You are very welcome! It was great meeting you too. And I know, that earring is IT! :)