What I Wore: #STLFW Outfit Recap

As promised, here's a digital rundown of my carefully-curated ensembles for Saint Louis Fashion Week. I searched high (in New York) and low (at the by-the-pound Goodwill Outlet) to create standout looks that matched the fashion-forward vibe of the events. Special thanks to Hyper Haute and Yoro Creations for loaning me the ahh-mazing jewels!

#STLFW Neiman Marcus: Ferociousness
I was so excited about my fierce, rare-designer-purchase Vivienne Tam skirt. But, my statement necklace was undoubtedly the star of the show. "Look at me!" the necklace screamed. I just smiled.
I'm pictured with my friend Sarah (outfit from Rung), Me: Skirt: Rung & Sprung Boutique; Top: H&M; Shoes: gifted; Necklace: Strange Species by Hyper Haute (available at Rung)
VIP Blogger Lounge: Heavy Metals
Although I've been told that I "don't look like" a heavy metal fan (we won't get into the zillion things wrong with that perception), I am a huge fan. "Toxicity" by System of a Down is one of my all-time fave songs. Motorcycles? Not so much of a fan. Actually, they terrify me. But, I still had to buy this dress. I glammed it up with a unique fringe earring (love the asymmetrical earring look) and arm candy.
Dress: Rung & Sprung Boutique; Jewels: Yoro Creations; Flash tats: Gliks
Emerging Designer Competition: Bananas!
Once again, my jewels created a much bigger sensation than my clothes. This time, though, that was the plan. I deliberately went for a sleek dress (with sassy side slits) so that the necklaces would really pop. People were shocked when I told them the top necklace was fake bananas painted silver. One of those uber-creative jewelry design tricks that truly impress me.
Dress; Rung & Sprung; Jewels: Yoro Creations; Shoes: Ziezo; Tights: Hue
Coffee with Naturalizer/Lunch at The Restaurant: Geo-Vintage
Have you gone to the Goodwill Outlet? It's not for the faint of heart or for the novice thrifter. All items are unsorted in huge blue bins that require a great deal of sifting. (Gloves are highly recommended.) Competition for the best stuff is fierce, and some people even go so far as to wear face masks and cover their carts with a blanket. My heart pounded when I saw this gorgeous vintage dress lying on top of a bin surrounded by deal-hunters of all ages. I felt a pang of fear that someone else would grab it first, but I need not have worried. With the $.79 per pound structure (yes, things are priced per pound), the dress cost less than a dollar. Wow!
Dress; Goodwill; Tighs: Macy's; Shoes: Gifted
Finale Runway Show: I Heart Music
I spent weeks pulling my STLFW looks together, so I love everything, but I think this dress is my fave. Found at a thrift store in New York, it made my heart sing. The whimsical print so me. Several people asked if I was a designer and although I sadly said no, this dress is definitely something I would have dreamed up. With the fringe earring and lace leggings, the look struck all the right notes.
Dress: Monk Vintage Thrift Shop ; Earring: Yoro Creations; Shoes: Gift; Tights: Rung & Sprung Boutique
Bloggers' Night Out: Shiny, Happy Chains of Love
I'd been waiting for the right occasion to bust out this shiny number, and the Bloggers' Night Out was it. We started with a happy hour at Clr-Mnster (where I bought a skirt that rivals-and
maybe even surpasses-the zaniness of the music note dress) and had dinner and drinks at
Hiro Asian Kitchen. I topped off the dress with a silver body chain and my trusty studded boots.
Dress: Rung & Sprung; Boots: Steve Madden; Leggings: F21; Backpack: Goodwill Outlet (another gem I found!)
Jewels: Yoro Creations
What did you wear to STLFW? Which of these looks is your fave?

PS-Learn more about the sweet, on-the-rise designer behind Yoro Creations here


  1. Awesome!!! You represented and showcased all of us so well... Thank you!!!

    1. You are very welcome! It was a pleasure wearing your jewels!