Meet Tiffany Rae: Designer, Stylist, Model

Tiffany Rae, wearing shoes she designed
Photo c/o Mind of A Fashionista
One of the best parts of going to fashion shows is peeping the off-runway looks. At Shan Keith's Boundless show, I spotted a woman wearing a killer pair of heels. Here's the scoop on Tiffany Rae, St. Louis-based designer (of those killer shoes and other incredible pieces), wardrobe stylist, and model:

Tiffany Rae describes the start of her career as "destiny." After photographer Kay Shea saw Tiffany Rae's picture on Facebook, she invited her to a modeling casting call. Curious, Tiffany Rae went to the casting call - and got the job. As her intrigue and experience with the industry grew, Tiffany Rae was motivated to expand into wardrobe styling for models.

This ambitious, self-taught artist didn't want to stop there, though. Inspired by the idea of re-purposing ordinary materials into something beautiful, Tiffany Rae began creating her own designs for models to wear. She crafted her first dress from leftover holiday cardboard boxes. Other design mediums include drinking straws and duct tape. (I think she'd have quite the edge on Project Runway's infamous unconventional challenge.) Tiffany Rae garners new skills and unique memories from each design, and loves the pride that comes from seeing something tangible that she has constructed.

Tiffany Rae's talent has been featured in local and international digital and print magazines, runway shows, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and on local television stations. Most recently, her designs were highlighted in the arts and entertainment publication, Solis Magazine. Although she currently balances a "regular" job with her design career, she knows it is only a matter of time before her professional goals become reality. Tiffany Rae plans to design for celebrities (Lady Gaga being her dream client), movies, and grace the pages of mega-magazines like Vogue. Once her ready-to-wear collection and heels enter stores all over the world, she is poised to "go down in history." You go, girl!

With her signature smile, confidence, and attention-grabbing outfits, Tiffany Rae has met each challenge as an independent artist with drive and a "corny" sense of humor. For other emerging artists, Tiffany Rae's sage advice is to "believe in yourself, let setbacks motivate you instead of holding you back, and create steps to reach your goals." Looks like she's well on her way to doing just that. . .
Tiffany Rae wearing one of her shoulder designs.
Photo c/o Kay Shea
The Cardboard Box Dress
Photo c/o Kay Shea
Drinking Straws Design
Photo c/o Kay Shea
Toothpick Design
Photo c/o Djeneba Aduayom
Eating Utensils Design
Photo c/o Djeneba Aduayom
To see more of Tiffany Rae's stunning work, visit You can also connect with her on Facebook and Instagram!


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