Smells Like Teen Spirit

Recently, the hubby had a BIG birthday. A milestone. (He's 30 with 10 years experience. LOL). We both got a gift for the night, though: an evening sans Ruby. She is the cutest lil' thang in the world, so her grandparents were more than happy to let her board at their house for the evening. It's rare that Brian and I get to go out together, and even more rare for us to stay out past 10pm when we do have a "date night." We more than made up for lost time with an evening that went well past 3am!

We started the night with a few pals and spicy Mexican food at Las Palmas. Next, we held an impromptu party in the parking lot jamming to Bone Thugs N' Harmony, watching Brian and his friend attempt to drink a 40 ounce. (40 ounces for 40 years, get it?) Despite a valiant effort, most of the drink wound up being poured out, and passersby just looked at us like we were nuts. Actually, one guy looked interested, but his date made it clear that they weren't joining the party.

Our third and main stop was Saratoga Lanes. I love the old-school flavor of Saratoga - you have to score by hand, so my high school bowling classes came in handy. . .at least in terms of scoring. After trying out practically every ball in the place, I must concede that at bowling, I'm, well, terrible. Luckily, our friends are sweet and were too busy having fun to notice. Eventually we were forced to leave the bar (can you believe they wanted to close around 1:30am?), but many of us weren't ready to go home. Going to the "East Side" was discussed (local St. Louisans know what kind of debauchery that usually entails) and quickly scrapped. Instead, we capped off the night with breakfast at Uncle Bill's Pancake House. Yum. We all had a blast!

The party was billed as a low-key, come-as-you-are kind of night, so I planned my outfit accordingly. I started with a rock tee that was free, thanks to a gift card from Target for my bulk purchase of baby food. I added my sister's blazer to dress it up a bit. Socks (necessary for bowling) and booties added finishing touches.

What would you wear for a night on the town with friends?
Jacket: Urban Outfitters; Tee & Socks: Target; Shoes: Gianni Bini; Jeans: Old Navy (with DIY distressing); Ring: Rung & Sprung
I read somewhere that wearing fun socks and exposing them is "hipster." 


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